Toyota bringing a new diesel powertrain option into the United States may be seen as a bold move but this particular automaker isn’t one that usually conforms to society norms. So, it won’t be surprising if we were to see a diesel Tacoma arriving soon.

The rumor mill has been churning out news that the 2017 Toyota Tacoma may be arriving with an oil burner version as a response to Chevy’s Colorado ZR2, which is said to be a direct rival to the Tacoma TRD series.

The off-road Tacoma models usually sell extremely well and ends up making up a huge portion of the top-selling mid-size pickup’s total sales. As such, the threat of a potent Colorado fitted with GM’s powerful 2.8L Duramax diesel mill would, understandably, agitate Toyota.

Although the Japanese automaker may be able to take a hit at the Colorado ZR2, will it be able to do it effectively? The Colorado Duramax is able to produce up to 369 lb-ft of torque and this is a pretty high level for the Tacoma to come close.

On top of that, Toyota also faces the challenge of proving to the EPA that it’ll be able to meet the strict efficiency requirements to employ diesel power in the country.

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Lee · March 18, 2017 at 6:54 am

Anyone know if Toyota has a diesel overseas? Europe, Asia, Mideast, India? If they have one certified in Europe they’re already halfway there?

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