What is there not to like about the Volvo XC60? The compact SUV is luxurious, undervalued and also stylish in its own rights. Such a combination makes the XC60 a great daily driver and if you fancy something faster, you can look forward to the XC60 Polestar.

The latter was announced earlier today and it is confirmed to come out running on a 421hp mill. Even the transmission has been upgraded to shift faster and this setup makes the XC60 Polestar the fastest vehicle produced by Volvo to date.

Seeing that the S60 Polestar was 2016 world’s fastest luxury sports sedan to ever race on the Nurburgring, we can expect the XC60 Polestar to achieve the same result for the segment it competes in.

This can only mean trouble for rival vehicles, especially the Audi SQ5. The latter only has 354hp to offer and this is far behind the XC60 Polestar. But of course, we can’t spell defeat for the SQ5 just yet as a race needs to happen for us to determine the fastest luxury compact SUV out there.

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