Nexus devices are known for its long life. It doesn’t matter if Google abandons the device completely as, if it’s a hit among developers, it will take a long time before the device hits obsolescence.

The perfect example would the Nexus 4. The device is nearing its five years of age yet it would still be packing on the latest Android version, all thanks to the dedicated crew over at CyanogenMod ROMs.

So, the Nexus 6P, said to be the most successful stock Android device to date, will definitely have a long way to go before kicking the bucket. As such, Google is making a wrong move by not milking Nexus 6P’s new potential.

The ‘new potential’ here refers to its potential as a partially mid-range device, based on how it is currently placed in Google’s portfolio of devices, according to Google’s Project Fi service.

In this service, there are the $200 Nexus 5X, the $400 Nexus 6P and the $650 Pixel. Maybe the Nexus 6 could be considered with the 6P, too, since Google is still looking out for it.

Affordable Wins People Over

The mid-range potential we mentioned above is the key for the phone to make it big at an international level. For Google to place itself among the likes of Apple and Samsung, it would need to have a longer arm to reach all corners of the globe.

The Pixel are so popular and they may aid Google in reaching a broader audience, however, it’s unlikely that they could bring in any demand as their price tags are simply too exorbitant for people in other parts of the world.

Paying over $4,000 for a phone is really too much and that’s roughly how much the Pixel XL cost in the local currency of some markets in Asia.

One way around this would be for Google to reduce the pricing of the Nexus 6P. Although the $200 Nexus 5X is a good deal, but the device is known for its reliability issues and it just can’t compare to the Nexus 6P. Thus, by making the latter more affordable in other markets, it will be easier for Google to etch its influence over the US borders.

Even though folks abroad did not purchase the Nexus 6P prior to this, the halo effect brought on by the Pixel and Pixel XL will definitely alter most people’s minds.

And if the Nexus 6P wasn’t all that appealing before, it would soon get better thanks to the new features that will definitely trickle down from the Pixel and Pixel XL.

On top of that, there are folks who have been riding on Google to be more like other OEMs. Usually, the launch of a new flagship is often followed by steady but permanent price reductions of its older flagships, but the Nexus 6P hasn’t moved with any significance in that direction.