Why Google Can’t Shut Down Nexus 5

Google and LG collaborated to produce the Nexus 5 and although the device has reached its three-year milestone, loyal users are sticking by this beloved device as it still remains reliable to them.

This isn’t exactly surprising as the Nexus 5 comes with pretty top-notch hardware for a device of its age. The model features a 4.95-inch True HD IPS display measuring at 1080 x 1920 pixels.

The Nexus 5 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor mated to a 2GB RAM along with an Adreno 300 graphics processing unit – these are features that boost the device’s dependability up to this day.

However, we can’t deny that the Nexus 5 pales in comparison to devices such as the Pixel XL and Samsung’s Galaxy S8. That said, most owners aren’t giving up on this trusty device as it still provides them with satisfying levels of performance.

Various Reddit threads show that Nexus 5 users are replacing their device’s battery to keep it alive. These users claim that despite changing the battery up to three times, the device still manages to be stable and fast.

Many of them keep their Nexus 5 fresh by installing custom ROMs which allows them to get all the latest and greatest features into their aging device.

Well, this just goes to show that even if Google stops sending updates to the Nexus 5 altogether, people will still persevere with their Nexus 5 no matter what.

If you’re a Nexus 5 user, drop us a comment if you agree that you won’t be giving up your beloved device anytime soon!

384 thoughts on “Why Google Can’t Shut Down Nexus 5

  • Feels like a 2017 phone. Pension age but youthful performance. Only qualm is battery… will it last? I love it. It’s the Land Rover Defender of the phone world.

  • My N5 is on 3rd battery and use a small booster backup to get thru the day. When 5g towers come online a new cell will be required. Funeral will be held

  • I just bought a backup N5 on Ebay for $60 to support the mods I continuously do with my daily driver N5 so that in the event my trusty device goes offline I have a duplicate. This rarely is necessary since I am running a backup OS on my daily driver anyway by using MultiROM, but there is the possibility of my mods causing a system wide fail. But don’t get it wrong, it is always my fault, not the device’s. The Nexus 5 STILL outperforms most people’s phones, especially since a lot of the phones people are buying are the bargain priced one’s with big screens, so they LOOK as if they are nice phones, but they don’t even come close to my N5.

  • 100% agree. Best phone I’ve ever owned. Does what I need without any fuss and keeps going strong!

  • I’m writing this comment with my Nexus 5 and I love it. I’ve had it for a year and it’s great

  • I currently own two Nexus 5’s. I agree with your article and the phone has far surpassed my expectations. It’s just an all-around good phone with a great stock UI. Although, the Nexus 5 does have one big down fall. That being the built-in storage limitation, with no option to install an SD card for additional storage. What helps is that Google offered unlimited storage on Google Drive for all HD photos and videos uploaded from the phone. It will be tuff to retire the phone when the time comes.

  • I have completed more than 3 years with Nexus 5, and still it works as fabulous as other latest devices. I am not even thinking of changing it.

  • Aalthough I have to change battery on my N5 it’s still my daily driver running custom 7.1.1 rom with Google assistant and all of the shenanigans. But not because I’m loyal but mostly because I’m broke…

  • Nexus 5 forever. I’ve got 2 them. One I’ve never used, but it’s there should the day come. And that’s a big “should”.

  • I’ll never get rid of my 5 or 6, however I do use my Pixel when out and about and a crappy burner for going to work.

  • I have a Nexus 5 that, while defective (gets hot, drains battery, it’s a board problem), I have retired her to a backup phone.

    I replaced her with a 5x (another great phone), but miss carrying my old 5. It sits on my desk, always on, with an H2O SIM in her. I have a great number of Gmail accounts, so she just chimes away as I’m on my desktop. And for $36 a year (yes, a year) with H2O’s basic plan, I can keep her useable as a phone with text.

    I hated that the 800/801 chipset didn’t make the cut for Nougat, but she lacks for nothing with Marshmallow.

  • Had mine since day one. Never had a problem with anything not even the battery. I’m not to good with technology. I don’t know how to do custom Roms. Or if there safe. I would probably screw it up. Lol

  • Still have my gorgeous orange Nexus 5 works like a clock only how is Bluetooth keeps dropping for no reason.New battery put in last year ,now using it for the wife my self the LG g5 I use and love it it’s a great phone with Nougat7 .Will keep my nexus5 till it totally dies!

  • I have just rooted my N5 and it’s running 7.1 fine apart from the camera pushing it into a reboot which I see is even a problem that 5.0 provoked. Its running fast and I think the battery is lasting longer with 7.1 too though this is the third battery I have installed.

  • I found an encressinly rare unopened Nexus 5, in Jan. 2017 for $125. installed nova launcher, various pixel apps, pixel dialer & pixel wallpaper. Just received google assistant OTA update. So graphically it’s very close to a pixel, very stable and above all: aesthetically my favorite phone, and at a great price.

  • I bought one for me girl and she still has the original battery and it still gives you good battery life

  • I’m still enjoying my Nexus 5, changed the battery but that’s all; she still can’t last a full day without a recharge but that’s the only stumbling point, and I can live with that. oh and I have had to adjust the connection to the antennas on the rear.

    I’m not going to replace her until she has a fatal problem, she still packs a fair old of a punch and I’ve got the latest Android version on her.
    My biggest problem would be working out what to replace her with!

  • Both mine and my wife’s succumbed to the dead power switch reboot issue.

    Got 5x’s, and have had to replace 3 times now for random dead fingerprint sensors.

    If not for these I imagine they’d all still be going strong! My Nexus 7 2012 sure is.

  • Love my Nexus 5. Plan to keep it until it becomes unreliable. I bought my daughter one at the same time I bought mine. Hers lost the telephony ability about a year and she’s replaced it with a Pixel. That causes me to be wary, but no problems yet.

  • Had my Nexus almost as long as they’ve been out and I don’t think I’ll find another phone as reliable. Google and LG really hit a home run with this phone

  • I love my Nexus5, I wish I could keep it forever. Just cracked the screen so I’ve been looking for a new phone and except for the Pixel can’t find a phone that measures up.

  • I own Nexus 5 I don’t use it anymore as my phone as I have a Nexus 6P. But I refuse to get rid of it. Great phone for a backup and to use it on wifi only for games and stuff. Rooted and always change it up. Original battery still going strong in mine.

  • Got my Nexus 5 since April 2014, still with original battery and everything (apart from two smashed screen replacements). The battery is degraded but still decently holds up for the best part of the day. Performance still impresses me for video/audio/browsing/banking (I’m not a heavy gamer). Absolutely love it, piece of premium bar!

  • My wife and son have the Nexus 5, and the phones are still working fine. They are not that old. Why do you need to keep upgrading? If this wasn’t all “about the money”, then explain why we have turned into the “throw away” society we have become. Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all in the business of making money, not friends. Too many good quality items are deemed worthless, but by who?
    This comment was done on a Nexus 4. Other than low on memory, this works fine. I would like updates, which appear to have stopped though. I don’t need to spend 700-800 yearly on a phone. Way too much

  • Read this on my Nexus 5, which was ordered during the first 15 minutes of availability on October 31, 2013. I am ALWAYS on this phone. Have it running a wireless hotspot (teather_dun mod line of code – and on T-Mobile via StraightTalk $45) for my Surface Pro as I type this; ironically typing on the phone. I’ve traveled to Europe and South America with this phone, bought cheap sim-cards wherever I go. A small piece of the plastic around the sim card slot has broken away, probably from constant sim-cards swaps.

    Running some modded version of stock Android 7.1.1. Have flashed countless different roms, Ubuntu Mobile, Sailfish, Cyan, most as dual boots. Battery life isn’t what it used to be, not even close. But somehow I’m STILL on the original battery. Must be 1,200 – 1,500 complete charge cycles on this phone, maybe more.

    Camera has always been mediocre, at best! Recently my GF dropped it (for the Nth time, no case) and it finally developed a crack. But the crack somehow miraculously​ is one line that runs directly across the screen right at the status bar break, when in the standard portrait mode. I took that as a sign to keep it. There’s a small tear in the back plastic cover, countless nicks, dings, and scratches from numerous drops.

    It’s easily one of the greatest phones​ EVER made, greatest one I’ve owned by miles. GF has the LG G5 and I like it. It’s pretty and fast, but not enough to make me drop the Nexus 5.

    32gb of space and no SD card (stupid Google) is tough. Was difficult when new and really annoying 3.5 years on. But it does support USB-OTG, so I’ve got a few of those USB dongles.

    As much as one can “love” an inanimate object, I love my Nexus 5. With a little bit of internet searching and tinkering, there’s nothing I’ve wanted to do with a phone that this phone won’t do. Though an IR blaster would have been nice.

    It’s downright comical how much network administration I’ve managed to accomplish from this phone. (Not an “IT Guy,” just end up doing a lot of IT work.)

    I don’t think it’s a phone that would appeal to casual smartphone users. But they were never its intended consumer. It was a phone for people who want their phones to do more than most phones and definitely more than the service providers want you to be able to do.

    It’s a tinker’s dream device, it’s a power-user’s dream device. I’ll shed a tear when I finally have to move on (likely due only to an unlucky drop). I’ll feel slightly absurd for that shed tear, but I know that there are other Nexus 5 owners who will understand.

    Thank you Google and LG, thank you.
    I love you Nexus 5.

  • I’ve had my Nexus 5 for 3 years, watching everyone else complain about this and that about their phones but I’ve kept mine getting constant updates,etc. From Google. I changed the charge port, LCD chassis, battery and don’t even consider to replace the phone with anything else

  • I totally agree with the article. It is my 3rd year of having this device. I changed the once not because it was bad but for me it was sort of maintenance. The mother board did go bad about 6 months ago and I replaced myself, I got the part from eBay for $80. Now the phone is like new again. I love it.

  • After changing screen 4 times, replacing better y twice. I still love this phone . It does not have hang, very light phone and fast still . Not to forget still skinny compared to current phone in market . Even aftermarket parts are cheap that don’t even bother putting protective cover on it. I can truelly use this phone as it was designed to use. Freely

  • Hmm, a device that was affordable, had next gen specs, small bezels, and came in an all black package. Do you really need to wonder why the Nexus 6 and newer devices failed?

  • I have no plans to retire my Nexus 5 after replacing the battery after 2.5 years. I’m running Nougat on LineageOS with the Pixel launcher and very satisfied. It’s such a great phone. I tried both the Nexus 6 and 6p and both are just too big. I’m sure the small Pixel is a great phone but just not willing to shell out huge money for what I would call and incremental upgrade.

  • I have a Nexus 5 and 5X. I find both units to be reliable. I’m very satisfied with it’s performance why choose something else.

  • I bought my Hammerhead a little over a year ago. This is by far the best handset I have ever owned. I will not upgrade to another device until it dies. By far it works is reliable and suits me. Currently running CarbonRom 5.1 Nougat with Blue Spark kernel.

  • I switch to a Nexus 5 from an iPhone 4S 2 years ago. As long as this phone works and I can still get batteries for it I will hang on to it. Best phone I’ve ever used.

  • I switched​ to a Nexus 5 from an iPhone 4S 2 years ago. As long as this phone works and I can still get batteries for it I will hang on to it. Best phone I’ve ever used.

  • I love it. It had a major failure after 18 months and google repaired it for free! How many companies will do that?
    I hope it keeps going.

  • Me, i’m still in love with my nexus 5. Still the most beautiful smartphine out there. Got android nougat rom. Outside it’s like new, no cracks, no hairline scratches, been taking care of my baby since 2014. Never changed the battery but will soon, got only 3h SOT.
    There isn’t yet a phone who is worthy an upgrade from my Nexus 5. I’m inclining to ONEPLUS 3T but time will tell. Maybe the OnePlus 4 or maybe a new Nexus, then ye, i will gladly trade if it’s worthy ofc.

  • Yes I love this post. And the device. The Nexus 5 is still one of my favorites even though I also own the pixel XL. I change the battery one time and it’s still running strong.

  • I love my Nexus 5. Running Mashmellow so smoothly. I see no reason to change my phone. It does everything I want it to do. Just as well as some new phones. No bloat, no hassles, just gets on with it. When this one gives up, I will be in the market for another. Pity that Google lost faith with this type of phone. The Pixel, no doubt a fine phone, is expensive and trying to hard to be an iPhone. Long live the Nexus 5.

  • I whole heartedly agree! I use nitrogen os v7.1.1 with blu spark kernal v221. The nexus 5 is still awesome, I’m hoping future devices will be just as versatile.

  • I love my hand me down Nexus 5 from my 24 year old son who is a software engineer.it works good runs fast and I live in a rural town. T-Mobile service is weak but I get service better at home than two blocks away.

  • The Nexus is the last google phone to support wireless charging – that’s the most compelling feature. Google totally dismissed it as un-essential because of the quick charge feature of usb-c; but this is just a another example of how they have lost touch. When you have invested in wireless charges and strewn them around your home and vehicle, you never even think about charging your phone regardless of how slow it is – not to mention not having to fumble in the dark before bed to plug it in overnight.

  • I love my Nexus 5… However I really hope they come out with a update that will make the camera work again rather than just restart the phone. Sad to say due to lack of camera I have a new phone on the way to replace it 🙁 if they fix the camera issue I’d gladly go back to it.

  • My first smartphone so I have nothing to compare. It works fine for me! So far it has been dropped 3 times and spent 14 hrs in a small piece under about 3 inches of snow in 20 degree weather. When I found it the next morning it worked fine didn’t even need a charge. That was 3 months ago. No problems.

  • My first smartphone so I have nothing to compare. It works fine for me! So far it has been dropped 3 times and spent 14 hrs in a small piece under about 3 inches of snow in 20 degree weather. When I found it the next morning it worked fine didn’t even need a charge. That was 3 months ago. No problems. Nexus 5

  • Absolutely no doubt this is a phenomenal phone. I did briefly switch to a 5X but was unhappy and reverted back to Nexus 5. Definitely one of the best performance phones out there.

  • Couldn’t agree more… But haven’t install custom ROM, or replace battery 🔋, keeping it alive how? Frequently backing up photos and deleting whatsapp images and videos, no useless app because of limited space… Benefit: Clean phone, no cluster of apps or photos… Hopefully google Send some nexus 5 updates… 😊
    Or something worth spending money on. (not pixel)

  • Me likes, insurance replacement so it’s not as stable as my first one, but fresh battery makes up for the small inconvenience of having to reboot once every few days. Still on factory rom but soon will be going to root and new rom to update to droid n

  • Yes, it’s the best phone I ever have.
    No matter the speed or size, it truly is my favorite phone so far.

  • I’m owner of Nexus 5 and I can say that it’s still pretty awesome device. In comparison with pixel is Nexus 5 very decent phone. This device was showing the future of phones with small bazels.

  • I recently moved on to a Moto Z Play. But I’m keeping the Nexus 5 as a backup in case my phone or my wife’s phone has a problem. I may even try a new ROM or launcher on it. BTW, it is still getting on with the original battery.

  • Yes, I have an unlocked Nexus five. I have truly been amazed at the device, and have continually updated every time the notice comes up. I’m learning more about the phone’s capability all the time and it seems to out preform more expensive phones of my friends and is just overall more helpful in my dayly life than could have imagined. PLEASE KEEP UPDATING!!!!!!!

  • Don’t see giving it up anytime soon.
    Google failed in epic proportions. no device as good as the Nexus 5 is out there today.

  • Me I like LG Nexus 5 because i do evrethen it’s on Google i don’t lose nothing​ on my phone I like Nexus

  • That’s me! I love my Nexus 5. If it dies, I’ll probably buy another. It’s a good size, snappy, and reliable. If Google made another, newer device like it, I might consider buying it.

  • Just got a Nexus 5 off Craigslist and it’s a pretty cool phone. Feels like a have a phone better than the iPhone. Lot of awesome features.

  • I loved my Nexus 5 and was very sad to have to get rid of it just two weeks ago. The power button was stuck in, causing it to get itself into a boot loop. We attempted a fix, but it was still stuck partway and would have required either trying to replace just the power button or the entire motherboard. I decided to just replace it and bought a Samsung A5 instead, and I’m very happy with it. The battery life is beyond compare(well over double what the Nexus 5 gave me) and having double the RAM is nothing to sniff at.

  • The money we paid for this phone Google should keep sending updates… I am hanging on but this is my last Google phone.

  • I am the Nexus 5 user and would like to keep using this device for some more years. But I am affraid it will stuck sometime in the future as no update is supported by google. 3 years life time fir this device is too short as it is still compatible with other new release. It still works pretty good. I need help to update the software to nougat.

  • This POS hangs on great. I have owned mine for almost 4 Years. The battery is not big enough but when you turn down the brightness, turn OFF Bluetooth and the RF
    You are not using, I still can get almost one day out of the phone.

  • Yes, I completely agree with that device is still giving it’s best performance, many new devices are still far behind. So I am not leaving this device in near future.

  • We bought 1 Nexus 5 new and liked it so much we bought a 2nd one slightly used. We love the standard Android system. On one device we had a display problem , but it was covered by LG. The Nexus 5 just keep going on, on & on.
    i don’t know if i will find as good of replacement when I have to replace it.

    Message for Google- Why don’t you after the 3 years, for a nominal charge OS upgrades

  • Heck, I am still sporting a Nexus 4 with Android 7.1.1 and the latest security patch. I just use it as a backup phone, but it runs great, and the only thing I replaced was the battery.

  • I own my Nexus 5 with stock Android, and I’m very satisfied with its performance. Fast, powerful, just 16Gb memory, the only problems are the battery is not lasting much, but I still have the original battery. By replacing I’ll have boosted for at least another year. Probably I’ll flash a newer Rom when I start to get to outdated. I like it so much.. ohh and this one I bought second hand for $100 6 months ago. And I still love it.

  • I have a nexus 5 for about 4 years now!
    It’s not that I don’t want to replace its just there is no good replacement for the it with reasonable price

  • Thing is the mobile industry hasn’t inovated that much since devices like the nexus 5, better cameras and fingerprint id don’t justify spending 400 USD or so for a newer device.

  • Screw the Pixel and screw Google for dropping the Nexus line. I’m sticking with my Nexus and have no interest in paying over half a grand for their “premium” phones.

  • I am a Nexus 6 user who will probably upgrade once the new pixel 2 comes out.
    Things I am hoping google comes out with a Nexus 6 2.0 with the pixel 2, the screen is excellent. The speakers could use some work with the auto quiet bug. The shape is awesome for holding, and the size is purfect for the amount of YouTube I watch. A better battery and the speakers are the only two things I would change, besides for the more updated hardware

  • I agree with every word,

    Bought the phone on launch day had it ever since. Onto my fourth battery but that hasn’t been too much of an issue. The phone performs perfectly fine for daily use there isn’t any need for an upgrade.

    Only single criticism I would say is the front facing camera isn’t the greatest but I’m not one to take selfies so that not much of a concern for me, and definitely not a worthy reason for an upgrade.

    You hit the nail on the head with this article, great to see so any other agree

  • I’ve had my Nexus 5 for the past 3 years and I’ve never had a problem with it! Always been running Stock Android with no custom ROMs and the battery has yet to fail on me. Best purchase I ever made, I still use it basically daily at home while my main driver is the 5X

  • I love my Nexus 5 but I get upset when I heard Google won’t update it to nougat.
    It’s a wonderful phone works exactly like pixel.
    I hope Google change there opinion about updating Nexus 5 to Android 7

  • Even though I have a Nexus 6p (not rooted). I still use my Nexus 5 (rooted) every day for my music. Still works fine. Plays music great (with a little tweak using ElementalX). Battery is not so bad.

  • Well I M proud user of Nexus 5 since May 2014. I love it for its performance and slim form factor but also hate it’s battery as it drains faster than cheetahs speed. can’t believe that Google has sidelined Nexus 5 from its Nougat update.

  • I love my Nexus 5 and I’ll keep it as long as I can! The new Google phone is very impressive but I’m not ready replace my Nexus 5, I don’t have the need for a new one!

  • I installed AOSP 7.1.1 and it still runs fluid with this device with pixel launcher and all apps running without hiccups. The best thing about nexus 5 is its classy design, brilliant hardware, very handy with below 5 inches screen and what i love most about it is its lightweight. I don’t find any phone better than my nexus 5 right now in the market.

  • I installed AOSP 7.1.1 and it still runs fluid on this device with pixel launcher and all apps running without hiccups. The best thing about nexus 5 is its classy design, brilliant hardware, very handy with below 5 inches screen and what i love most about it is its lightweight. I don’t find any phone better than my nexus 5 right now in the market.

  • Bought my 5 two years ago. It’s the right size, plenty of functionality and didn’t cost an arm and leg.

  • Hi,
    I couldn’t separate from my Nexus 5 even when it’s screen got damaged accidentally.
    Then few days before again it fell of my hands and the screen broke.
    It was a tough decision for me to upgrade to a newer de ice or repair .
    But I chose repairing the screen.

    Twice bitten yet not shy !!!

    Thanks Google n Nexus for this reliable phone.

  • No chance of giving up Nexus 5 in near times.It’s awesome best shaped device.I m loving it.

  • The only problem is battery backup.otherwise Nexus 5 can still compete with any new models. Waiting for Pixel 2.

  • This is exactly what I’m doing!

    Installed custom ROM, and was planning to change the battery as well!

  • I am surprised, except camera, what better rest of devices are performing than NEXUS 5? It is like Blackberry which was forced to be out from market because of introduction of ANDROID.

  • I m using N5 since 3 years and happy with it’s performance , in terms of speed , touch etc, facing the problem of draining the battery , also want to update new update’s but couldn’t find reliable source.

  • I really love this Nexus 5. In contrast to users of many other devices (and even newer than Nexus 5) I’m still satisfied and want to keep it as long as possible …

  • Yeah it’s fantastic device I have ever used last 3 years m using it & more 3 years I want to use anyhow so please don’t stop updating this spectacular device..
    Thank you

  • I really love Nexus 5 .May you live long Nexus 5 .. I have no complaint and grudge to have this beauty .. just improve the sound .. and keep this alive please

  • I have the nexus 5 for quite some time !!! I wouldn’t change it for nothing even thought im starting to have signal problems but depends where i am but still i will not give up !!!!!

  • Love my Nexus 5. Going to replace the battery as that was never a strong suit of the phone even when new. Did install a custom ROM. Phone still works well and has been amazingly reliable.

  • I have used nexus 5 for 2 years. Rooted the device the day i bought it and installed the pure nexus os by beanstown. It gave me the best smartphone experience compared to Apple in terms of the customising ability and performance. Later I changed to moto x play as nexus doesn’t have a dual sim and micro SD card and myself being a heavy User the battery capacity wasn’t enough and no VOLTE. But for that period it was the best phone and for moderate users it is still the best phone.

  • I agree. It’s just an awesome phone. Except for it’s battery, still going strong with all the apps available.

  • Yeah its really a fantastic device, ya there is some battery issue in it, but after all a complete phone, nexus 5

  • Its a fantastic device. I am still holding it. Want to change the battery for the first time, after 3.5 yrs. I just love it

  • I agree to the points mentioned, I will not give up Nexus 5 soon as it runs fast and the feedback on new devices are not as great as this ones.

  • Love my N-5. Will soon install Custom ROM. Intend to be with it for at least another year!!

  • I have used and abused this device and it’s still my daily driver (Touchwood) Had slowed down a lot and battery consumption was too high.. which got fixed by a simple factory reset… Personally I feel that this is the best form size and I really hope the manufacturers come back to this size… Next phone is going to be Cadenza by Turing.

  • I have a Nexus 6, not a Nexus 5, and I still love my device!! Just had to add that here, and since the 3rd one was a charm for me (my first 2 Nexus 6 phones had suffered drops and resulted in the screens being shattered and the phones useless), I’m keeping this one as safe as possible. I love my Nexus but would gladly take a Pixel and give it a good ol’ whirl!

  • My Nexus 5 is still original and going strong. Love it so much I bought a second hand one for spares. This baby is going to last me until 2020!

  • My Nexus 5 is still original and going strong. Love it so much I bought a second hand one for spares. This baby is going to last me until 2020!

  • Yes, I completely agree with all the things said in this article.
    I believe I am amongst​ the lucky ones to experience what this Nexus 5 beauty is all about.
    I have been using my Nexus 5 for over 3 years now and without any problems ever occurred.
    And not planning to replace it anytime soon​.


  • I have been using Nexus 5 since 3 years on daily rough basis but this device gives me full satisfaction even today !! Google plz keep giving updates

  • Yes of course, I will not give up on my Nexus 5. This is very nice phone hasn’t changed since the first day though the battery is starting to deteriorate but still I’m counting on it and try to find a new battery.

    Good job Google and LG.
    Thank you.

  • Yes. I like Nexus 5 a lot and I’m not willing to replace it by any Samsung or others. It still very reliable and fast, best thing is it can run all the new apps, never hang, immediate updates and I love this..It’s touch is quiet incredible as compare to other same age devices.

  • I am a user of Nexus 5 for last 2 years and yes, I too, do feel that it’s one of the best devices which was up n running almost 99.9% of the time….Rarely did it hang. Very rarely I did find a need to restart this device.

  • As a user of Nexus, quality of hardware, aesthetics , size are exemplAry compared to many of even present day updated cell phones. New features are only with marginal improvement and does not deserve the price at which is available. Do not forsee in near future loyalty shifting by most users of Nexus 5 !

  • It’s a fantastic phone.It has never been damaged till now. I bought it in 5th Dec,2013 and it’s performance is excellent. I love it.

  • Yes I m damn loving this device Nexus 5 but Google should keep this device on while sending the patches till it reached to 6.1.2 But now it’s only remain to it no more updates sending like 7.0 Marshmallow. If it’s Google phone collaborated with LG. I would like to know what the reason, the Google launched its own flagship​ phone being the reason.

  • Is it secure if I root my Nexus to custom ROM ? Which custom ROM will be best ? Will I still get updates from third party​ apps ? Let me know

  • It is a best device in Android phone im a Google developer and im completely setisfy with this device.

  • A great phone for a great price!
    Until such time Google rolls out a similar low-priced device with fabulous features I’ll stick with my beloved Nexus 5!

  • I got problem of screen in 2 years. Small area on screen doesn’t work.. so, typing becomes difficult.

  • One of the best gadget in Android market deep love for nexus 5 since 3 years n no plans to replace it.

  • I am a nexus 5 user and I have to agree the quality of that phone is just unbeatable. I would still be ready to buy it even now as it is much better than most of the cheapass phones at its price.

    It still works like charm and I am a proud owner.

  • I bought my nexus 5 when it launched and still use it. I had a 6p for a few months , but couldn’t get used to the size and the specs difference between 5 and 5x wasn’t worth it. If nexus 5 had a better battery and speakers it would be ideal for me as I don’t game on my phone and nothing else made it stutter.

  • Nexus 5 is my first smartphone, i am still using it. I want Google to provide latest Android OS for Nexus 5 technically it’s possible.

  • Yes, I’m a proud user of Nexus 5 and I had bought it when there was no competition and it was the top mobile at that time. Also this mobile is TRUE “Mobile Size”. All new mobiles are a bit hard to hold in hands due to the bigger size. My Nexus is still running smoothly.

  • LG Google Nexus 5 is one of the greatest and dependable devices the industry has ever had. Since the day of my purchase in 2014 till now (2017) I’ve loved this phone. And also all the people who have ever used this beast. I remember having a friend who bought and iPhone 6s in 2016 after using Nexus 5 for around a year. And even he was impressed with phone they cost almost half the price on an iPhone. The thing is, it still runs butter-smooth, thanks to the developers who kept up their good work and provided the community with various custom ROMs and all (I’m running Android 7.0 btw). I’ve noticed it’s way faster than most other phones from 2015 and 2016. And the best part it, I haven’t seen a dip in its performance, which you will find in every other smartphone other than an Apple iPhone. Of course it isn’t the best in every segment. It’s camera was below par even when it was launched way back in 2013. The battery was way too small for the awesome screen and extremely powerful processor. Also the loudspeaker was anything but loud. But talk about launching and running apps, and this phone was and still is a killer.
    A lot of the credit goes to Qualcomm for making a processor like Snapdragon 800. It’s a quad core 2.3 GHz krait processor. The thing that made it different was that all four cores were clocked at 2.3 GHz and all the four cores ran simultaneously, unlike the present generation processors or as Qualcomm would like to call them now SoC which have lower and higher powered cores for need based processing. Of course that feature has been too heavy for the already small battery but then it delivers a consistent iPhone level performance. Taking about performance, I’ve played heavy games like Nova 3, Modern Warfare 4, Asphalt 8, Asphalt Extreme, Modern Combat 5, Dead Trigger, Shadowgun Deadzoneand a few other ordinary games on this phone. Another very important element was it price. It launched at around Rs.32000 (India) and offered performance matched only by phones worth more than Rs.40000 and the iPhone still being around Rs.50000 (of course I don’t remember the exact prices, so sorry). And the reason was that both Google and LG opted for a plastic body to keep the prices really low. It was nice of LG to use matte finished extremely flexible back panel. So the phone looked really bland and uninspiring, but only till the time you used it. So I think these went into making it one of the most popular devices.
    I think Nexus 5 was not a phone made for everyone. It was made for someone like me, someone who doesn’t mind carrying around a portable charger, someone who doesn’t listen to anything on the loudspeakers and someone who rarely clicks photos. It’s for people who want a fast reliable phone which does most work in a consistently blazing speed.
    So even today I wish my phone doesn’t get damaged or anything and that I continue using this awesome device because if I’ll want a device that matches in performance and longevity, I’ll have to burn a hole in my pocket (actually my Mom and Dad’s pockets). Thanks Google and LG and Snapdragon for this awesome device!

  • I am nexus 5 user and love this device so much. I already rellaced battery one time . This smartphone is really smart and great assistant.

  • All i want is an update.Now adays my phone has been going off by it’s self. Sometimes even when it’s 100% it’s will turn off and when u switch is on it will be on 10% or lower

  • I’m still a hard core fan of Nexus 5. It’s reliable and fast fit sure. I have upgraded to 5x for latest stock ROM and fingerprint sensor, however I don’t feel much difference otherwise.
    I keep changing the ROM of Nexus 5 , currently using Kali nethunter 2.0 and I’m totally loving it.

  • Posted from Nexus 5 running Nougat 7.1.1 AOSP ROM. I am just bought Pixel as well, but I love my Nexus 5.

  • I am from India.I am using Google Nexus for past 3 years.Its a very good device no problem for me.Its only negative point I have to charge it for 2-3 times otherwise it’s a very good device.I have used Samsung J7.better than J7 or iPhone it’s a very reliable phone.

  • I am using Nexus 5 since 1 yr and I am not giving it in future due to its marvellous performance. I already replaced my battery with new LG BL-T9. Dear google plz carry android update for this device in future.

  • It’s a awesome device, I love it till this day, am running Android nougat 7.1.1 and it’s still butter smooth……….Long live Nexus 5.

  • Yes reading this from my old trusty nexus 5 after 3 years with a cracked screen and the original battery only doing about half a day but still as fast as the day i got it unlike my galaxy s2.
    Was going to get the Nexus 6p but after the pixel release it went up in price so still waiting but maybe a one plus will do.

  • I am a proud nexus 5 user
    I’ve been using it since 3 years
    I’ve seen a Samsung GS4 which was a competition to Nexus 5 at the time of launch, lag a lot
    Also the Sony Xperia Z faces same issues
    But nexus 5 continues to remain a top notch phone

    I haven’t installed any custom ROM on my Nexus 5 and I’m using it flawlessly with Android 6.0

  • It is still.wonderfull phone compare to new mid range phones. Google should seriously rethink their decision of discontinuing Nexus 5 device updates.

  • I agree why can’t this great device be upgraded it was received well by the international market

  • I m a nexus 5 user, I flashed from and rooted. It performs well the only problem is battery drains too fast and the best one is running nougat on my Nexus 5.cheers!!

  • I love the Nexus 5, I actually replaced it with the Nexus 6 but that was a disappointment so I upgraded to the Nexus 6P which I still use and it shows no signs of slowing down. I think the Pixel 2 will be my next phone

  • It’s one of the best phone I have ever used. Though I bought an one+3t but still I have my Nexus 5.

  • I have been using nexus 5 for a while… My first one i smashed the screen and i kept using it for about a year with a broken screen it was that good. Having saved up i then got a new nexus 5 with a bit more memory. That lasted 6 months til it got dropped down the toilet accidentally. Ded as ded. I got tempted over to pixel XL. But my nexus was best phone I’d ever got until my pixel. I still miss it now.
    (I still have that cracked screen nexus 5 as a back up… Just in case)

  • Stormtrooper White 32GB Nexus 5 owner here. Never ever been more happy with a phone like with this, and probably never will be. Fellow owners will understand what I mean. The Nexus 5 has aged SO, SO well!

  • I’m still using Nexus 5 with its last official built. Though I had many phones after that but Nexus 5 remains on to of my choice

  • One of the best and advanced phones of its time.still using it and can’t think of replacing it because of its smart performance..

  • Yep, am a proud owner of Google Nexus 5. Having said that, am still in trouble with it’s battery performance. Post reading your blog, I have decided to get it’s battery replaced as it is still the same which came when I had bought the phone.

  • Yeah very true. I am from India bought Nexus on the day of release here.its been 3 years though my display is broken, it still works like champ. I don’t have plan to change my device for next two years.

  • Nexus 5 is still a very potent device, i hv 2 in my family. It is a great device, easy to hold due to size, light weight, Snapdragon 800 is a very peppy perfomer even after 3 years of use

  • I’m a late adopter of Nexus 5, having held on to my beloved Nexus 4 forever. I truly plan to hold on to Nexus 5 as long as possible. I am also a Project fi (Google’s own wireless plan) customer, and an advocate for it. I’m sure the newest phones are great, but so is my Nexus 5.

  • I no longer own a Nexus 5 because it accidentally broke it but no doubt​ it is my all time favorite phone. I really love its design, and I’m not alone. Look at Android app store, it is the most widely used reference design to showcase apps. The back picked up a lot of scratches over time but still feel great in my hand. It has a gorgeous display, pure Android, with monthly security patches. It is still fast. Nexus 5 beats many midrange branded phones with better specs currently on the market. Its battery life and microphone placement leave much to desire but I’ll buy it again if it’s available.

  • Sundar Pachai is a fool to do away with Nexus 5. It shows his short sightedness.

  • I’ve using Nexus5 from it launching. But last week I drooped it by accident. Now my beloved phone sometimes restarting by it self. Brilliant phones! I will always use it.

  • Size matters. My choice Nexus 7 tablet and move down to a good flip phone. If i had to give up the 5

  • Yes. I will never give up…
    It is best configue model..
    Only drawback is battery life… And space…

  • I love my nexus 5; it will never hangs and is still great to hold and use it; only possible complaint is bad earpiece for call receiving. I am thinking of replacing the same with the new one. My most reliable android till date.

  • I am a Nexus 5 user. Been looking a bit checking the market but haven’t found a device that gives me the same value for money. Staying with it for the foreseeable future.

  • Still going strong with my Nexus 5. I’ve seen some impressive phones come out, but what’s the point of an even higher res screen when I can’t notice the difference? What’s the point of more RAM and a faster processor when UI response time is only a fraction of a second faster? I’m still on the original battery too. Camera is still good enough for a mobile device. I care not at all about fingerprint scanners. I’ll likely keep using this phone until I reach its storage limitations (which, as a streamer, won’t be happening anytime soon).

  • Yes I love my Nexus 5 mobile is at par with todays mobile people who use around me that too latest and branded one…. I just want Google to make a similar product and long live trendy mobile

  • I still have my 5 and 5x. I’m currently using the pixel. I usually only keep the last phone – for emergency. But the 5 is hard to let go of. It’s truly a great phone.

  • That’s true. It’s still competent and I don’t want to buy another phone until it has some major issues. I have replaced the battery once and had another backup battery case.

  • I absolutely agree. The Nexus 5 has been an ultra-dependable device. It’s no frills, just give me Android experience allows the device to perform day in and day out without issue. I would hate to see Google stop supporting the device for at least another year or two.

  • Love my Nexus 5, paid $100 and it still runs like new. Love Project Fi Will buy another Google phone when forced to, but it’s performing perfectly

  • Ultimate device using since last 2and a half years changed battery once . Out standing performance. Fully satisfied. No plans to change thus

  • Love it.. being almost 3 years old, it does give me pleasure of any recent mobiles..Looking for one more year relationship with it..

  • Hi. You are completely right. I used nexus 4 for 2.5 years and after damging in skateboard accident I went and bought second hand Nexus 5. Already having it for 6 months I have to say that reliabikity is its second name. Even wothout changing the battery I always get solid day ( not heavy user though ). The only weak point of this device is camera. But over all great phibe and kind of steal for the money.

  • The N5 is a perfect blend of technology and ergonomics. No manufacturer has been able to get a device in the market to rival this. With a Lineage OS running the latest Noughat, users aren’t going to move to any other device anytime soon.

  • I’m a Nexus 5 user myself. I totally agree with what you said. I’m installing custom roms to keep it alive. Love it more than any other device I’ve owned.

  • Yup! Bought mine last January for about $120 if I’m not mistaken, and thought I would use it until I saved up enough for an iPhone, but comparing the performance of my N5 to my friend’s 6s plus, I saw very little difference in everyday use and have been happy with it ever since! Love my Nexus 5!!! 🙂

  • I’m a proud owner of a nexus 5, and indeed I have a custom Rom to keep up with the latest updates. Performance is still good. I’ve been thinking about changing my nexus 5 only because the battery doesn’t last through my whole day, so I’ve been looking for options with a fast charge feature.

  • Obviously yes, I feel it’s part of my life. I am really happy with the performance till date. I love Nexus 5, and not ready to give away though Google stops it.

  • I m also one of the Nexus 5 User, and I m still loyal to my Nexus enjoying the same.

  • Love My Nexus 5. Heck, I think Android 7.1.1 runs very well on it. All thanks to the community, especially the contributors of Leniage OS, aka CyanogenMod! Countless hours spent to take a great OS and turn it into a very learn, mean, Android machine! Just my 2 cents.


  • Yup. Picked mine up used when my Samsung bricked. Been so good except the camera will sometimes go through weird phases. I don’t like carrying a 5-600$ phone that is more likely to be stolen..This phone works completely for the level I need.

  • I totally agree. Even after two and a half years, I am not giving it up. Replaced the battery last week and it is as good as new.

  • I love mine. I bought my Nexus 5 on EBay to try the Nexus line (stock android) and absolutely LOVE the very little bloatware present. I will be having my battery replaced, updating my version of Android (or getting a custom ROM)and continue my happy journey.

  • Phone is sleek and performance is still on the top end. I can install all the latest apps in Google store and it works perfectly. No plans of replacing the phone any soon

  • So disappointed – just bought one in October (I know – Go figure) and am waiting for it to return from LG after repairing the black and white screen of death while using it. Supposedly a power issue.

  • Yes, agree. I bought Nexus 5 when it first came out and writing this comment but Nexus 5. Except the battery, the device is fantastic. I switched from iPhone and I like this better than iPhone.

  • With ‘repair battery app’ helped with problem. Does need better battery. Also can not see screen info in bright sunlight. Sometimes hard to hear. These problems I can cope with, for Nexus 5 is a awesome phone/computer. All computer needs can be handled by it.

  • I really like my Nexus 5! It’s fast and easy to use! Won’t be giving up on it anytime soon!

  • Still using mine. Same battery. Did a hard reset to free up RAM I couldn’t clear through other means. It’s a little slow sometimes for sure, don’t know why, but I haven’t thought much about replacing it yet.

  • I love my Nexus 5 very dearly, and I am not going to ditch it in near future though Google has stopped all kinds of support for this device, even it has stopped pushing the security updates through OTA. My device is functioning just like a hot knife through butter!
    Google should understand that it is very impractical and difficult to change one’s phone every now and then for a poor person like me from a third world country.

  • I like this phone very much I’m a loyal Nexus 5 owner and don’t intend to give it up

  • Still loving my 5! Mine is still alive and well with all of its original hardware. I don’t want to get rid of it anytime soon!

  • Until a new Google device is offered with wireless charging (hopefully Pixel2), I am not giving up my NEXUS5.

    I’ve had mine over 3 years, it has exceeded expectations by a great margin!

  • Totally agree . I got my device in December 2015. It’s great. I don’t have that very strong reason like a show stopper to change it.

  • Got my Nexus 5 as soon as they came available. I’ve had to replace the display and the battery. I’m running a custom ROM and am still happy with it. Probably keep it till it just won’t go any be more.

  • I was holding out on my Nexus 5 until the camera stopped working a month ago. Just upgraded to a Pixel XL and I’m not disappointed.

  • No I hAve used phones from other makers but I find Nexus 5 doing the job quite well.

  • Yes I have used phones from other makers but I find Nexus 5 doing the job quite well.

  • my wife still rocks her N5 but battery life is real bad; any recommendations for a good quality performance replacement battery?

    Thanks a lot

  • Agreed. My Nexus 5 is in its 4th year now.I am running Android 7.1.1 by flashing with resurrection remix ROM. It’s performance is so good.

  • For me, the (nexus 5) is now what the (HTC HD2) was in his days. Full of capabilities to explore and definitely we have (nexus 5) for at least one more year if not two… Happy with my (nexus 5).

  • Have changed the battery, the cracked screen. But luv it’s sturdiness. The rubberised back is great. Wish battery lasts longer.

  • I have been using the nexus 5 for three years now, and it is still super fast. I haven’t changed the battery yet but it delivers on a single charge. Installed the dark custom rom and I am enjoying the nougat 7.1.1!

  • Yes I still love my NEXUS 5 over many other recent devices available in the market. I wish this device a long life.

  • Google hasn’t made a wireless charging phone since. I’ve waited for two releases and nothing. My next phone likely won’t be a Google brand, since wireless charging doesn’t appear to be anything they are concerned with.

  • The N5 is a great phone. Although I have a N5X, iPhone, Galaxy S6, N6 and a OnePlus, the Nexus 5 is the one I also come back to.

  • I have the Next 5x, one of the best phones I have used till date. It is designed so well, has an outstanding camera, works well and feels good! All this from a phone that was launched almost 2 years back is too good to be true, I guess there are extremely few phones like this out there.

  • I’m a devoted Nexus 5 user also. I’ve got two Nexus 5 phones, one for a backup in case something horrible happens to the other! I handle personal & business on that one phone & it handles it like a champ!

  • It has been a great phone and it’s still with me after 3 years, will see ifit will hang around for another 6 months, 2nd battery only 5 months old.

  • I agree Nexus 5 x is a great device I switched from Samsung note 3 now totally Nexus fan

  • Yes, Nexus 5 is indeed an awesome phone that still competes with its new born competes. I’ve a Nexus 5 and an iPhone 7plus but I can do more flexible tasks (Google skymap, ISS tracker, external USB camera, seek thermal camera, on Ruler, smart calculator, Chromecast) through Nexus 5 than my iPhone 7+. Although some of the Apps that’s listed are unique for Android phones I personally enjoy with my Nexus 5 more than others.

    Even if sometimes I thought of buying an alternate Android, Samsung is the choice but due to its AMOLED screen I hate to buy Samsung.

    (LG+Google)= Nexus 5 is the best from Google’s launches to excel in it’s performance and price.

    Other Nexus lineups from Motorola was having battery panel issues and the one from Huwei was unattractive since the tie-up was with a Chinese brand.

    If Google could launch with LG at lower price it can compete in it’s market

  • Yep still nexus 5 is the best handset provided by Google in collaboration with LG and I think nexus 5 is the only handset which provide highest revenue in comparison with other handset provided by Google. I am proudly running custom ROM on this device with latest Android 7.1.1 with no lag and Faster than pixel xl. Still wondering why Google provide only two major update for device as every year Google launches new OS.I think Sundar picchai should work for that. And should compete Apple as they provide OS update to their most of the device and should release update at atleast every 2 years. As being an Indian no one prefer to change handset every second year. Please do understand Mr. Sundar you are Indian.

  • Well, my Nexus is totally broken. Now I want to buy new phone and can’t decide get trusty Nexus once again or try to choose good alternative for it. (pixel is too pricey for me right now)

  • I love my Nexus 5 as this is the best phone I have had till date. This is much better than even I phone!

  • It’s really very nice decide. But Android update is not happening. Since other devices are already having latest one

  • It has been more than 41 months am being using and now Nexus5 is feeling very Most and best Phone till now. I love this to one extent level and apart from this Nexus 5 is my first lover😍😊😍. Thank you Google for loving device.

  • I have Nexus 5 and I’ve rooted it with flashing Lineage OS. And its working as fine as any mid-high range phone now-a-days. I am in no mood to leave this masterpiece ever!

  • I have 3 nexus 5 devices. This is realy good nd reliable. Easily flash custom ROMs in my device is 7.1 rooted.its having wireless charging feature that’s great. It’s outstanding Android phone i ever had.

  • My Nexus 5 died 3weeks ago.
    I replaced it with the OnePlus 3t and even though the OnePlus is noticeably faster, I still very much miss my Nexus 5.

  • I am an proud owner of Nexus 5 since 2.5 Years… Still the phone horses like anything… Haven’t replaced battery. Still I get back up of one full day… #My Nexus

  • I shall not give up anytime soon. Changed the battery and screen a few times too.. just wondering where to get quality replacement screens as cheapo eBay screens fail in a heartbeat

  • This is really dependable handset except battery, no other issue arises, so I’m continuing with this set i really love it.☺

  • We are using Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 currently. And we are not changing any of them . They have given wonderful service and continue to do so.

  • I just replaced the battery of my Nexus 5 , the performance is much better than the devices available out there.

  • hey yes I’m using nexus 5, from around 2.5 years, there is no single problem in this device… I won’t be giving up on it, for the next 3-4 years or so. When it lacks performance, all u need to do is to format this device, and its new again, i love it, its performance, sound and picture quality, the AWESOME CAMERA and even its battery. Its simply an awesome google device, so reliable, i can afford a bigger device, but why wasting money. CONTINUE NEXUS 5, AND BRING MORE SUCH DEVICES. LOVE U GOOGLE

  • I am about to replace my Nexus 5 as the power button has been giving me grief – shuts off any time I use it. Tried opening it up and cleaning everything with alcohol and duster, still having issues. Other than the power button issue and the always low battery, this phone is still going strong.

  • I’m a dedicated user of Nexus 5. Have been using it for 3 and half years now, and still in love with it.

  • Yes I m the Nexus 5 user ..And I happy with Nexus …But if Google send security update every months..Then it will be amazing device..I m happy that I m using a nexus phone…Awesome camera and processing …But only battery problem..But it’s OK………..ajeet

  • The best ever phone … Sleek sexy and light…. Yet fast and bright… If a battery comes up .. just the battery… Suffers a bit

  • Google should keep the nexus 5 updated they updating the nexus 5x update to 6.0 I think 7.0 but nexus 5 is so fast and runs everything i throw at it and love it to death i have a spighon armor case on it best case ever best google phone ever keep updating it Google

  • Yes I am using Nexus 5 since it is launch ed ,n till now I am not facing any problem…n still my battery is also fine n comes wholes day….n there is no point of changing my favourite device…

  • I continue to use Nexus 5 because there is no other better alternatives. You know. Pixel is just too expensive and Nexus 5X suffers from bootloop problems.

  • I don’t like it. I bought it bcos I heard a lot of good things about pure Android phone. And I’m getting bored of a phone with lots of app that I never used. So, I bought it even it’s not sold in my country. The LG Nexus that I have is slow when taking pictures. The picture quality itself is also not nice. Sometimes the phone hangs even pressing on/off button doesn’t help. I’m a fan of HTC and really looking forward to HTC Nexus but it seems that the phone will never happen.

  • If i had to buy a new smartphone i would choose Nexus 5 again
    *(official support of andriod upto latest till now and upgrade in internal storage n ram will do a lot worthy.)

  • Hi, I am a loyal Nexus 5 user since 3 years and I still can’t stop loving the device. Just sad that Google has stopped sending us updates. Please do something about it 🙁 don’t want to part ways with my Nexus.

  • Not giving up on my Nexus 5 for Pixel Do atleast. Shall wait for another follow up device. My Nexus5 is still rocking, though battery needs work.

  • I see no reason to throw money for yet another crappy +10% “better” iteration of crappy overpriced smartphones, when nexus 5 meets all my needs and more. Already replaced a battery once.

  • Yes. It is true. My nexus5 is still working fine. I will be happy if mr. Sunday picchsi and his team extend support for nrxud5 for another two years.

  • There is nothing better than this phone i still own it to this day and won’t stop using it until it one day completely fail on me

  • I love my Nexus 5. Have replaced the battery once to keep it going. But the bulky updates to apps is slowly killing the device.

    Will continue to use this as my daily driver for a couple of months max.

  • Unfortunately I had to replace my nexus 5 after a camera issue (tried to replace the camera but w/o succes.) I was on my 3th battery and I was still more than happy with the phone.

  • Writing this on my Nexus 5. Don’t need to upgrade. Don’t really see why it is a new article though, common knowledge amount us Nexus 5 users 😉

  • No doubt I ll not be giving up my Nexus 5 and I have already replaced it’s battery once n ll keep on till it accidentally may not give up.

  • I’m still using my Nexus 5 and the main reason I would want to upgrade is for better battery life. The battery in this device was never very good and now it needs two or three recharges a day. I wish I had upgraded to the Nexus 5X, when that was still available.

    I’d like to upgrade to the Pixel XL. But, if I’m going to spend that much, I want a device that’s​ new and not about to be replaced by the Pixel 2.

  • Perfect size, light weight, bright and crisp screen, and still fast.
    And what I like the most – built-in​ wireless charging. I have bought inexpensive wireless chargers for a few locations where I spend for the most of my day.
    Less than $400 replacement phone is not easy to find in the local market anymore except imported brand from China.

  • My first nexus battery died shortly before the phone warranty was up so i got a replacement​ from Google foc. I have changed the battery once since then and granted it can’t compete with higher end devices of today’s I’ll, but it still delivers smooth and competently as a daily driver. Will change the battery again at some stage when the daily life drops to a level that can’t be managed anymore and off we will go again. Three years on and it owes me nothing. Still running stock android, unrooted and very few issues. Love this phone! Brilliant value for money.

  • swap the battery, install a fresh ROM and you are good to go…
    this might go on for another 2 years or more..

  • Yes I agree. I am still pretty happy with my Nexus 5. It’s still pretty fast. Of course the battery does die quickly during the day so that after a days work, I would have to charge it to keep in contact in the evening.

  • I hv not changed battery, never felt need to root rom,n my nexus 5 is still sooooper. I just luv it! <3. Yes i might use it fr one more year

  • I hv not changed battery, never felt need to root rom,n my nexus 5 is still sooooper. I just luv it! <3. Yes i might use it fr one more year

  • I’m using my Nexus 5 for the past 3.5 years and I just love it. I still did not replace the battery although it’s about time.

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