It has been a month since Microsoft introduced Game Pass for the Xbox One and many have subscribed the feature. For those who haven’t heard about the Game Pass, it is a service that allows you to play any games for a period of time based on the amount you have paid.

In short, Xbox Game Pass creates a platform for gamers to snub paying a hefty fee for game ownership in favor of paying for a pass that allows them to play any game in a short period of time.

But of course, not all games in the world are made available on the Game Pass. It is still up to the game developers if they want to add their products into the pool. The products are added at the start of every month and today, we can confirm on several new titles coming in July.

The games coming to Game Pass in July includes Resident Evil 6, F1 2015, Dead Island, Bard’s Gold and Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine. It may sound like a small addition of games but the good news here is that no existing titles on the Game Pass are getting discontinued.

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