Skoda Citigo iV: Demand Too High!


Skoda announced this week that they will stop accepting orders for the Skoda Citigo iV as they reported that they are having trouble keeping up with all the orders.

According to the report, the 400 units that they allotted for the local market quickly sold out in less than 60 days. For now, those that one to order one will not be able to put their names now but the electric hatchback will return eventually as the company’s production resumes. The plant was closed down due to the pandemic.

The Skoda Citigo iV will be coming in as the first electric vehicle for Skoda. It will be powered by a 36,8kWh battery pack that would give it 82hp and 155lb ft of torque. The vehicle has an electric range of 140 to 170 miles and can go from 0-62mph in 12.5 seconds with a top speed of 81mph.

2021 Ford F-150 Interior Snapped!


Despite everything that is going on right now, we are still expecting to see the 2021 Ford F-150 arrive this year and now new spy shots have made its way online giving us all a clear look at what the interior will look like when it arrives.

From what we can see, it is believed that the vehicle that was snapped hee is more likely one of the highway trim models which will come with upgraded materials. The vehicles will be fitted with an eight-inch infotainment display running Sync4. There is also the 15inch optional display. Sitting under the infotainment screen will be a compact row of audio controls and the HVAC dials.

Previous spy shots also showed off the Lariat interior which was given an embossed leather tag and more.

Ford also plans to build an EV version fo the F-150 that will come after the standard F-150 arrives.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Won’t Get To Play It Immediately


We are only a day away from the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake but those that get the physical version of the game might be disappointed to learn that they might have to wait a long time after putting the game in to actually start playing.

According to the developer, it could take some time for the game to get installed. They added that the first chapter will be playable after installation but then they will be asked to install the second disc after finishing the first chapter.

All together, they are talking about one hour of installation time. For those that choose to buy the digital version, they can start pre-loading the game right now so that they can jump right in when it arrives this Friday.

The review for the remake has been pretty positive so far.

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Kia Telluride Nabs Another Prestigious Award


Kia seems to be on a roll this year as the automaker continues to nab one award after another.

Well, their Kia Telluride has now been given the named 2020 World Car of the Year award. An award that recognizes the most significant new-vehicles production. The winner of the award is determined by an international jury of automotive journalist judges.

Other models that were also listed as finalizing for the award include Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-30. Other winners were also announced this week including the Porsche Taycan which was given the World Performance Car of the Year award along with the World Luxury Car of the Year award.

Kia Soul EV, on the other hand, was awarded the World Urban Car of the Year award making out popular models like the Mini Cooper SE and the Volkswagen T-Class. The Mazda 3 was offered the World Car Design of the Year award.

Cyberpunk 2077: How COVID-19 Could Change Future Games


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting a lot of businesses all over the world and while CDPR feels that it should not have any major impact on their business, they did add that it could change how people are buying games.

According to the developer, they have taken the necessary steps to reduce the spread of the disease by having most of their employees work from home with only a few remaining in the office. They have also canceled business travel and stop any that have come from overseas to enter the offices.

They also canceled all their appearance for the near future and also taken necessary steps to further safeguard their games now that their developers are working from home by encrypting hard drives and have employees use VPN.

They also added that they expect sales for physical games to drop but added that the majority of sales are already in digital or they might start to work towards that in the near future.

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Polestar Concept Coupe Decision Explained


Polestar’s new upcoming model is based on a Volvo concept called the Concept Coupe and now the company is ready to give the public an explanation on why they chose the Concept Coupe instead of other Volvo concepts like the Concept Estate.

According to Polestar, they felt like the coupe was the better option as the shooting brake version feels more like something from Volvo while the Polestar 1 is a vehicle that does not fit into Volvo’s lineup and because of that, it makes perfect sense that Polestar should pick it up and work on it.

Of course, Volvo has made coupes in the past but turning their vehicles into one is not as easy as it seems and for now, it does not look like that is something that Volvo is looking to offer in their lineup.

Do you think Polestar should have worked on the Concept Estate instead of the Concept Coupe?

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Update File Smaller Than Before


Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has finally begun and fans can finally dive right in. While the Season 2 file was huge and so is the Season 3 update file, it will not be as big as before.

According to CharlieIntel, the Xbox One update will be about 13.6GB while the PS4 file will be 117GB. The PC update file will take up 16GB of space. The developer has also released the full patch note for the update so you can read about some of the changes and new features while you wait for the update to be completed.

The update will make some changes to the game but on top of that, the new game will also be getting a new multiplayer map. Modern Warfare will also get a new Operator called Alex from the campaign.

Season 3 will also come with a new Battle Pass as well which will give players some new cosmetics and items including Riley, the dog from Call of Duty: Ghost.

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Mercedes-Benz EQS: AMG Version Gets Greenlight


The Mercedes Benz EQS will be coming in as the EV version of the S-Class model but that is not the only plan Mercedes has for the vehicle as the new report made it clear that it will come as the S-Class for their electric range and that it will also be getting an AMG version in the future.

The EQS concept will be coming in with a 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack that will be riding on the EVA skateboard architecture with the electric motors that will be fitted at each axle that will offer about 470hp combined. The engine will allow the vehicle to go from 0-60mph in 4 seconds.

Of course, it will take some time before we actually see the AMG version of the EQS model since the EQS will only be coming in two years’ time and the AMG will come after that but it was rumored that the vehicle will come with the Plaid powertrain from Tesla.

PlayStation 5 New Controller Design Revealed


Despite talking about the PlayStation 5 a few times now, Sony has finally given us a glimpse at what the new controller will look like when the PlayStation 5 arrives.

The new controllers will come with a few new features like the Dual Sense sports along with a long list of fresh features. According to Sony, they wanted to make sure what makes the current controllers great will remain while also improving on it.

In terms of design, the new controller will be getting a two-toned color design with the Light Bar. Instead of on the top, the light is now on the side of the touchpad. The shape is also thicker now which could improve the grip of the vehicle.

It would also be fitted with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers like when a car drives through mud and the slow grittiness will be felt through the controller. The triggers on the L2 and R2 buttons will also have levels of resistance to make gameplay much more immersive.

The power cable is now a USB-C Port. It will also have a build-in Mic so users won’t have to use a headset. More details should be announced in the near future.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Teaser Released!


We are only a few days away from the release of Season 3 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the developer has now released a new teaser image for the upcoming new season.

Season 3 will officially be arriving on the 8th of April and based on the promotional email for the third season, we got to see Alex, the new Operator in the image along with the text “Operators return, New gear arrives, and worlds collide.

From what we can see, there will be a new character skin for Alex, who was also in the teaser for Season 3. The update will also come with some new content for the multiplayer mode and Spec Ops mode along with new content for Warzone.

Model Warfare 2 Remastered will also be arriving this month but unlike Modern Warfare, this will not come with a multiplayer mode.

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Tesla Traffic Light Feature Explained


Previously, it was leaked that Tesla might be ready to give its customers the highly anticipated Tesla Stopping at Traffic Lights feature and now new information has come out to explain what the system does and how it works.

The name alone should have made it clear on what the feature will have to offer. The vehicle will automatically stop at traffic lights at interaction as the software will be made to recognize stoplights and stop signs.

Now, a hacker has revealed that the manual for Model 3 and Model Y does explain what the system does. According to the manual, the software is currently learning how to deal with infrastructure at intersections. It will be activated when Autosteer and Traffic-Aware cruise control ins turn n and it will use the front camera and GPS to take note of stop sign and lights.

A note will appear on the screen and the car will slowly stop. The car will stop at all lights meaning it will still stop if the lights are green so the driver will still need to pay attention.

No word on when we will see the update arrive.

The Last Of Us 2: Digital Pre-Orders Refunded


We have all heard it, The Last Of Us 2 which was supposed to arrive this May will now be delayed. No new date was given and now it looks like those that pre-ordered the digital version will get a refund.

The listing for the game have been taken down from the PlayStation Store and those that had ordered it will be given a refund. Of course, this will only be for those that ordered it from the PS Store. Those that ordered the game from third-party sellers will not be getting a refund.

Some fans were still hoping that the developer would choose to release the digital version of the game first but it does not look like that will be happening anymore.

One other game that will also be offering refunds to the buyers will be the Iron Man VR from Marvel which has also been delayed with no new date announced.

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McLaren Elva: How Does It Work


The McLaren Elva might be one of the oddest production models to come. When McLaren took the covers off, a lot of people were surprised by the design as it was clear that the windscreen is missing here.

Without that, the fans have been wondering how the vehicle drives and if the driver and passenger Will actually need to put on a helmet to drive it. Well, according to McLaren, the issue is solved with the design of the vehicle.

It is explained that air now enters the lower intake on the front fascia and is put through a J-shaped duct that will mitigate airflow. The duct will curve the airflow and high speeds and blocks the airflow coming from the front creating what they call a “virtual canopy” that will protect those insides from the wind.

The idea is pretty interesting and you can watch how the air flows around the vehicle in the explanation video below.

Final Fantasy 14 New Patch New Content Revealed


The latest patch for Final Fantasy 14 is here and this time, it will come with a few new features and content including new quest, furniture, weapons, and bug fix.

The new 5.25 patch will come with a new side story quest called “Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr” which can be played after players have completed the main scenario quest “Shadowbringerts” and sidequest ” The City of Lost Angels.

On top of that, the update will also bring in some new furnishing. The new questline will also award players will some new weapons. Players will also be happy to know that there will be a new eight-player raid but the patch notes did not say much about what the new raid will be about.

To implement the new changes, the game will go down not eh 6th of April at 10 PM until the 7th of April 3 AM PDT.

E3 2021 Will Be Unlike Anything We Have Seen Before


It was announced that E3 will not be happening this year and while it is sad that we will not see one this year, the organizers are using this extra time to work on the E3 2021 which they say will be very different from the previous E3 events.

According to ESA, the new E3 2021 will be a “Reimagined” Show. They did not go into details on the changes that they plan to make to turn it into something fresh and new so we will just have to wait and see.

While E3 2020 will not be happening this year, the organizers are still looking to make something happen as it was reported that they are looking to turned it into an online event to show off some of the new games but so far, nothing official has been announced yet.

They have also decided on a date for the event which will be on the 15th of June to the 17th of June 2021.

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Mafia II: Definitive Edition Confirmed


Mafia II will be getting an updated version or at least that is what the Korean Rating Board is suggesting as the game appeared on the list.

The game was originally released back in 2010 as a PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 game but now, it looks like the current consoles could also be getting it as well as the Mafia II: Definitive Edition was spotted.

At this point, nobody knows if this is a Switch port, PS4 or Xbox One remaster or maybe for the next-gen console but hopefully more details will be coming our way soon.

The last Mafia game from the franchise was Mafia III which was released in 2016. There were rumors that the studio is working on a new game but nobody knows if the new game will be a Mafia-related game or not.

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Xbox Series X Subscription Model Will Arrive Late


When Microsoft announced their next-gen Xbox Series X, it was also announced that there will be a few consoles that Microsoft will be offering including a subscription-only model but it looks like that model will come much later.

It was announced that Microsoft is working on a few versions of the Xbox Series X including a lower-cost model that Microsoft feels is crucial to them as they felt that the price difference between the Xbox One and PS4 was one of the reasons why it did not do as well as the PS4.

Spencer also added that there will be an Xbox All Access program for their customers where they will only need to pay $24/month for the Xbox Series X console and $23/month for the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will cost $20/month. The console will be paid off in 24months but those waiting for this might have to wait a little longer before they can get their hands on the new consoles.

Last of Us 2: Digital Version To Arrive First?


The Last of Us 2 was one of the most highly anticipated games of the year but the game has now been delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic but some people were hoping that the developer might consider releasing the digital version first.

According to Neil Druckmann, the director, they are pretty upset that the game will have to be delayed. After all the work and anticipation, they wanted their fans to get the game as soon as possible too.

When asked if releasing it digitally now would be an option, he responded by saying that they are looking at all sorts of options right now but for now, Sony does not have a final decision about the release of the game yet.

There were others that asked for them to release a demo like the one the members of the media got but he said that the studio will not do it as it will take too much work.

Well, it looks like we will just have to sit tight and wait.

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Apex Legends Developers Still Interest In Crossplay


While things might have started off a little bumpy for Apex Legends in the beginning, things did turn for the better after all the updates that the developer released.

One update that fans have been looking forward to is the crossplay update and according to the developer, crossplay is definitely something that their kind of game would expect to get and that it is very important to them.

However, they did not say whether it is being worked on or not or when the fans can expect it to arrive but crossplay was teased for Apex Legends right from the start.

For now, fans will just have to wait. For this month, Apex Legends will be offering up a map rotation as part of the next event so players can pick between two maps.

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Karma E-Flex Platform Detailed


Karma has taken the covers off their Karma electric platform giving us a clear look at what future models could be riding on.

Called the Karma E-Flex platform, the platform is already being fitted under the Revero GT model right now and is fitted with two electric motors along with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine.

According to Karma, the platform can be configured in 22 variations to fit five different classes of battery-electric vehicles. They also added that they will be showing off the design for a few kinds of mobility solutions in the coming weeks.

Karma is also looking to seek the E-Flex chassis to carmakers that are looking for a quick way to start pushing out new EV models without having to invest in building their own platform.

As for Karma, it is said that the production version of their pickup could be the first to arrive next year.