Volkswagen T-Cross: More Details Teased

Volkswagen will be releasing a new baby SUV model later this year called the Volkswagen T-Cross and while they are not ready to reveal everything about the vehicle yet, they are certainly ready to show us bits and pieces of the upcoming model with teaser images. (more…)


Apple iPad: What Can We Expect?

Besides showing off their new design, the new Apple iPhone X also came with some new tech from Apple like the new facial recognition feature and while Apple has not announced anything yet, it is believed that the new facial recognition tech will also make its way to the new Apple iPad. (more…)


GTA 6 Release Date Leaked A Fake?

With GTA 5 already being around for a few years now, we understand that fans can’t wait for the next GTA 6 to be released so when reports of some players receiving in00game messages stating that the new game will be released in 2019, the fans were more than happy but it looks like all the excitement was for nothing after all. (more…)


Sea Of Thieves: Keep Talking & You Might Get It

While the game Sea of Thieves had a lot to offer, it was clear that there was a lot of room for improvements and the fans have not been quiet about that. Fans have been talking about ways to make the game better or what they would like to see in the game and the good news is that Rare is listening and is also working to give the fans what they want. (more…)