The 2016 Honda Accord was officially unveiled back in July 2015 and went on sale the following year. Honda was determined to enter the premium car segment once again with its latest iteration of the Accord following the phasing out of its eight generation Accord back in 2013.

The 2016 Accord comes in two-door coupe and four-door versions with several trim levels. The model became one of the first cars to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a standard on the Accord EX trim level and above.

Although the model appears to be impressive, it looks like some owners are having some issues with their Accord. A Redditor describes his experience of driving his 2016 model when it suddenly refused to respond after stopping at a red light.

The driver tried hitting the gas pedal multiple times but the car did not budge much. He added that the RPMs didn’t rev and the car proceeded to slowly move forward even though he was continuously pressing on the gas.

Then, the 2016 Accord made a weird exhaust noise and shook while the RPMs suddenly shot up to about 5,000 then shot back down. The driver managed to bring the car to a gas station where he turned off the engine and turned it back on only to find it working normally again.

Other Redditors have chimed in by saying that this could have been due to the driver accidentally tapping into the limp mode. Have you experienced a similar situation with your 2016 Accord?

Well, if you have, what do you think could be the cause of it? That said, since it’s a fairly new model, it’s best to bring it back into the dealership to have it looked at.

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