Back in July 2015, Honda officially debuted its 2016MY Accord and the model was unleashed for sale in 2016. The Accord arrived in two versions – a two-door coupe and a four-door coupe with several trim levels.

The 2016 Accord was one of the first models to come bearing the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a standard feature on its Accord EX trim level and all other levels above it.

This is definitely an impressive model but it appears that some owners have already started seeing issues with their 2016 model. A Reddit thread reveals that an owner has been experiencing an issue with his Accord where it suddenly decides to become unresponsive once it is stopped at a stop light.

The driver clarified that he tried stepping on the gas pedal many times but the car did not move much. He also mentioned that the RPMs did not rev and the vehicle just slowly moved forward despite his continuous effort in gassing the car.

The story continues with the 2016 Accord making an odd exhaust sound and starting to shake for no reason. Meanwhile, the RPMs hit to about 5,000 and then quickly shot back down. Thankfully, the driver managed to bring it to a gas station and the car worked normally after he restarted the engine.

Some folks say that the driver may have accidentally tapped into the limp mode without knowing. What do you think could have triggered this on a fairly new model?

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