Each and every one of Jeep’s existing models will be getting its own special edition model along with multiple shades of military green in conjunction with the off-road specialist brand celebrating its 75th anniversary.

While there are some models that share the same shade, there are a set of special green paint job differs depending on the nameplates. First up is the tried-and-true Jeep Wrangler along with its Unlimited version that is given the Sarge Green tone.

Global top-sellers Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee receive the Recon Green paint job. The Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot get that shade as well. Jungle Green is bestowed upon popular new entry Jeep Renegade.

Those who don’t fancy green so much – though it is a fantastic choice for this brand – could choose other colors. The specs list is different for each anniversary model, but they generally host new roofs, new interior upholstery, and low-gloss bronze wheels, inter alia.

In ascending price order, the special editions kick off with the Patriot that costs $22,475 followed by the Compass, Cherokee, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler Unlimited respectively at $24,475, $29,875, $34,575, $36,775, and $38,375.

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