The word ‘sleeper’ is often used to describe vehicles that don an unassuming and placid appearance only to make raise hell on the tarmac when given the opportunity. We’re going to ascribe the term loosely and perhaps incorrectly for the Mazda CX-3.

Because it’s a surprise package for anyone who thinks that it is purposed solely as a fancy-pants urban crawler.

The compact crossover can take on any of its peers off-road despite the metropolitan chic design it wears.

Inside and outside, the CX-3 is elegantly styled. There are plenty of tech features to be enjoyed such as a smartphone connectivity, Bose premium sound system, heated seats, keyless start, wheel-mounted controls, a host of advanced safety features, and so on.

But its most important tech comes from its sensitive and predictive i-Activ AWD system configuration that is aided by plenty of sensors that gauge a myriad of external and internal conditions.

2016 Mazda CX-3 - Winner of Compact Category in 2016 Mudfest

2016 Mazda CX-3 – Winner of Compact Category in 2016 Mudfest

Power is managed and distributed by the milliseconds according to the what all the sensors read and what the computer system anticipates. This setup mainly tackles traction loss circumstances.

From this, you can take the CX-3 on icy, muddy, or rainy conditions and it would navigate them without fuss. Other urban-centric compact crossovers such as the Honda HR-V and Nissan Juke would fail from the get-go in such situations.

The only downside to the CX-3 going off-road is its low ground clearance due to its sporty driving dynamics.

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