In a bid to stay relevant in the EV market, while all the talk has shifted to the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3, Nissan has tried to market the Leaf in a way that it thought was cheeky. It has rather unsurprisingly backfired on the automaker.

Putting up a poster that folks shouldn’t have any reservations about shopping for an EV, Nissan basically said that unlike the Tesla Model 3, EV shoppers need not queue up in order to get their hands on the Leaf hatch.

Does that not mean that one wants to buy the Leaf? Because it really is the case – Nissan is currently losing EV customers by the droves. As things stands, the Leaf has sold only about 4,700 units this year. What a great way to point that out.

nissan leaf reservations advert

This marketing gaffe also raises another question: where on earth is the next-gen Nissan Leaf? If it is being released as a 2017, there should at least be some prototypes on the road or some official word on what to expect.

So far what we’ve gotten is a preview of its semi-autonomous driving ProPilot system, but Nissan hasn’t even talked about how that would figure into the 2017 Leaf as the prototype used for it is a 2016 model.

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