Buyers should know that the Tesla Model S isn’t the only vehicle in Tesla’s lineup that is receiving changes as the Model X has gotten more expensive. Instead of $80,000, the entry-level price of the electric crossover is now $83,000.

That’s because the smallest battery sold for the Model X is no longer 70kWh. Tesla has replaced it with a 75kWh unit that adds another 17 miles of range.

For those on a tight budget planning to get the base model, at least it’s not as bad as China which only sells the 90D model.

Anyway, introducing a pricier base model by specifically bumping up the battery capacity could be an indication that hasn’t been selling too well because of range.

Or it could just be that Tesla is doing so to brush off the dust and keep the vehicle attractive to buyers, especially now that the Model 3 has hogged all the attention.

Price increase or not, the overall sales of the crossover should accelerate in the same manner as its production rate. Tesla has reportedly ramped up production of the Model X to 750 units per week and sold an estimated 2,400 units in the US so far this year.

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