Tesla wants to save the world in style, and superstar CEO Elon Musk would continue to lose sleep in order to make any sort of progress toward that ultimate goal. That doesn’t mean that his customers have to in the 2016 Tesla Model X.

Packing more than 600lb-ft torque, the Model X has many loud specs which include the wholly unnecessary falcon wing doors and layered panoramic sunroof.

However, its best feature is its quietest.

Yes, it is the Bioweapon Defense Mode enabled by the HEPA air filtration in the crossover. The hardware is ten times bigger than that of a normal vehicle air filter, but is a few hundred times more effective.

Unlike Ludicrous Mode, occupants can hardly ‘feel’ it when the feature is enabled. In a simple of its efficacy, the Model X was sealed in a plastic bubble which is then filled with 1,000 µg/m3 of PM2.5 pollution, which is a fatal level for people.

According to Mashable, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists Beijing at 56 µg/m3, and this is how it already looks like:

Photo Credit: China Daily

Photo Credit: China Daily

Within 2 minutes of enabling Bioweapon Defense Mode, pollution levels fell to nearly zero. In the 30 minutes that followed, it didn’t budge from the flat, minimum level pollution.

Why is it the crossover’s best feature? Because no other vehicle has it, save for the upcoming 2017 Model S, and it aligns with Tesla’s clean air ambitions more than any performance trait it possesses can.

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