Tesla has given its growing customer base a reason to rejoice for this festive season through reports of production finally beginning to accelerate for the electric crossover. According to Clean Technica, about 800 to 1,000 units are being churned out at this point which would do well to shave off the waiting list that comprises of approximately 40,000 tetchy customers.

The 2016 Tesla Model X has been delayed for a rather long time now. If we extrapolate the current information that we have, ceteris paribus, then we should see the current waiting list cleared off by the start of Q3 2016.

But there’s hope that it would be cleared off faster. Despite the Model X needing three times more robots to make than the Model X, we should be confident that Tesla will move quickly along the learning curve and accelerate production even more through 2016. Why? Because, well, Elon Musk. That guy landed a rocket!

At any rate, we believe that the much more affordable Model 3 will pull interest away from the Model X, so its waiting list should grow at a slower rate; so perhaps we’ll see the queue dissipate by the end of next year.

Nevertheless, regular consumers that are not paying $130,000 for the crossover will still have to wait a little as the first batch being baked out right now are of the Signature model that runs for that price.

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