The most popular midsize truck in the US is the Toyota Tacoma. Though its global sibling, the Toyota Hilux isn’t exactly as superior in sales as its US sibling but it’s still one of the most well-known trucks in the markets it resides.

After its appearance at the Geneva Auto Show, it is worth taking a look at this truck in comparison to the Tacoma in terms of their 2016 models.

For those who think that the Hilux is a global spin-off of the Tacoma, it’s actually the other way around.

While they retained a lot of similarities initially, the two trucks have morphed into different creatures over the years.

The Hilux has a more rounded outline with a soft albeit muscular tone, though it wears a pretty aggressive countenance. As for the Tacoma, it looks like a more rough-and-tumble truck with a more squarish, chamfered outline. Whichever looks better is just a matter of taste.

In regards to power the 2016 Hilux uses a 2.4L four-cylinder diesel engine that produces – after conversion – 150hp and 295lb-ft torque with a fuel economy of roughly 32mpg. The Tacoma is more of a gas guzzler, getting 159hp and 180lb-ft torque from a 2.7L four-pot gas engine. Its fuel economy sits at 21mpg combined.

Do you think the Toyota Tacoma would perform better in the US looking like the Toyota Hilux?

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