For a super car like the 2017 Acura NSX to settle at only 573hp after so many years of development and delays would be ridiculous. The halo hybrid car from Honda is meant for a lot more, given that its custom platform is scalable and made to accommodate additional variants.

Acura has refused to talk in specific terms regarding what fans could further expect from the NSX, but no one’s letting go of the Type-R notion just yet.

Certain sources believe that the more powerful version of the NSX would appeal to purists by dropping the hybrid powertrain and going fully on gas.

Some others suggest that it would remain a hybrid, but with a more powerful gas engine for the added ponies. The possibility of a convertible model is also being entertained. Whatever it is, the NSX is going to need a lot more pizzazz to catch up with certain rivals.

One of them is the Chevrolet Corvette. While there’s the 650hp Z06 to aim for, GM is also preparing an even hotter ZR1 model that is expected to run on a new LT5 engine worth more than 700hp. The ZR1 is reportedly going to be the last model in the C7-gen Corvette, as a herald to the much anticipated C8-gen that sports a mid-engine setup.

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