The crossover market is the most lucrative segment in the U.S. right now, with the Audi Q5 being one of the big players inside.

But within the segment there aren’t much or any options for performance, the word that Audi is going to give the Q5 an RS treatment will be an unprecedented move.

The 2016 Audi Q5 actually has a performance model in the SQ5. It is powered by a supercharged 349hp and 347lb-ft 3.0L V6 engine which is already more excitement to the 220hp, 258lb-ft 2.0L turbo four-cylinder one in the standard eight-speed auto model.

The Audi RSQ5 would be the author of way more thrills if it materializes, as Audi is reportedly going to place within it a 2.5L turbo engine that cranks power up to more than 400hp. A refreshed Audi Q5 is going to make an appearance late next year in the Paris Motor Show, with more details of the RS model likely to be divulged on the way there.

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