A lot of effort is going to be needed to bring Buick back to the spotlight again. There was plenty of buzz generated by the Buick Avista concept, and many believed that it is the answer for Buick, but for some mystifying reason the brand decided to ditch the idea of bringing it into production.

Fortunately Buick was not daft enough to dump the Buick Avenir concept as well, though the concept is more of a design preview than a future production model.

Some of its styling essence has been imparted into the Buick LaCrosse, and the sedan has managed to turn heads as a result.

The grille of the LaCrosse is still reminiscent of how ‘old’ the brand really is, but the rest of its body is slick and attractive. With a starting price of $33,000, it would face the most competition from the Acura TLX which begins at about $31,500.

And the TLX is actually the cheapest among all the LaCrosse’s other rivals such as the Kia Cadenza ($33,000) and Nissan Maxima ($32,500).

Acura would really need to wipe the dust off the TLX with the 2017 model because it’s going to be quite tough rivaling the new look of the LaCrosse.

We can surely expect the new diamond pentagon grille to feature, and if the sedan is styled in the same manner as the MDX or CDX crossovers then we would have a great contest in our hands.

2016 Acura TLX

2016 Acura TLX

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