It is widely known that the end of the year is going to be prime time for GM as the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is going to commence production then and reach dealerships before the turnover to next year.

Until now the automaker has refused to provide a specific month or date for when production would commence, but a little slip-up has allowed us to find out.

According to Hybrid Cars, the 2017 GM Fleet Guide – which lists where each vehicle in GM’s entire US portfolio would be manufactured and occasionally when production is going to commence – revealed that the Bolt is going to start being put together in October.

The Bolt was listed for the Orion Assembly Plant together alongside the compact Chevy Sonic with a ‘SORP Oct’ in parentheses which basically means ‘Start Of Regular Production October’.

However, GM has altered the document which now lists the Bolt without the note in parentheses. Perhaps plans have changed? Not really, based on what Hybrid Cars added in its report.

When Chevrolet was contacted about that change to the Fleet Guide document, the automaker said that the plan is to still commence Bolt production in Q4 this year. If the intent of releasing the 200-mile electric hatch is unchanged, then production should begin in October.

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