The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is the direct rival to Tesla’s Model 3 on paper but it is becoming more apparent that the former may eventually lose to the latter. One of the most obvious reasons is the fact that the Model 3 is supported by a huge Supercharger network.

The Model S and the Model X benefit from this wide network, as well, but the thing with the Model 3 is that it will cost about half the amount one would require for a basic Model S.

Many folks would probably disagree that the Model 3 could be a rival to the Bolt since they are essential aimed toward different types of consumers. That may be true but could you think of another EV that can directly compete against the Tesla compact sedan?

Put aside the Model 3’s good looks and even better specs, the real reason behind Model 3 possibly going further then the Bolt is the presence of Tesla’s growing charging infrastructure. GM would have to be able to match up to this for it to even consider surpassing the Model 3.

Tesla Supercharger distribution in the US

Tesla Supercharger distribution in the US

Despite the fact that Chevrolet may have about a year’s worth of time to get a head-start on Tesla, it doesn’t seem plausible that it will beat the Model 3. Just look at the amount of pre-orders the Tesla sedan has already garnered and you’ll believe it when we say that the Model 3 will definitely make up for the lost time when it arrives.

Once the latest Tesla arrives, all other plug-in electric vehicle would also be affected. However, Tesla may need to buck up its production ability in order to keep up with the massive demand.

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Patrick · December 4, 2016 at 8:39 pm

Charging networks are very important but often overlooked by first-time EV buyers. Here is a comparison from earlier this year of the CCS network (the one the Bolt will use) and the Tesla network.

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