The muscle car segment increased to more than 50 percent in February compared to January but the Ford Mustang still leads the segment, when it comes to sales. However, it appears that the Dodge Challenger has surpassed the Chevy Camaro’s sales.

The Dodge Challenger made it to the second spot and it looks like it had beaten the Camaro by a significant margin. FCA recorded 6,107 Challengers sold in February, which marks a 19 percent increase from last February.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet only managed to sell 4,658 Camaros. January this year proved to be its worst sales month for the Camaro. This catapulted the Challenger into the second spot for February 2017.

The Ford Mustang currently holds a record sales of 13,344 units, making it the best-seller in the segment while the Dodge Challenger sits at second place with 9,500 units sold and the Chevy Camaro settles at the third spot with 8,246 unit sold.

It is too early to pick a winner for the annual title but it sure looks like the Ford Mustang is on the path to sure success.

That said, Chevy will definitely see an increase in sales with the arrival of the ZL1 and ZL1 1LE later this year. The ZL1 sales should be able to bring the Camaro back into the second spot but it’s not very likely that Chevy will crush Ford without some drastic moves to push Camaro sales.

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