GM is following in Ford’s footsteps (again) with plans to offer optional carbon fiber wheels for its performance vehicles. Blue Oval has recently decided that the lucky 500 Ford GT buyers would be having the option, next to the Ford Mustang GT350R.

And Ford’s Detroit neighbor isn’t about to be discreet about its intention to imitate.

GM is reportedly going to source the wheels from the same company that supplies to Ford, Carbon Revolution.

There are several vehicles under consideration for the optional wheels, but seeing that the Mustang GT350R has them, the most likely choice for GM would be the Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

Both Michigan automakers, after all, tend to mostly lock horns with their respective muscle cars. It shouldn’t be any different this time around.

The technology used by Carbon Revolution for the special wheels of the GT350R is derived from NASA; specifically, they are coated with a special ceramic spray that is meant for aerospace use. They can handle extreme heat and is robust to a fault.

According to Car and Driver, the coating was first created for the engine turbine blades on NASA’s first Space Shuttle. The wheels are also incredibly light and serve to enhance driving dynamics.

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