In the US mid-size pickup market, the Chevrolet Colorado is the only model alongside the GMC Canyon to boast a diesel engine unmatched in torque and fuel economy. Sadly, that has not been enough for GM to knock the Toyota Tacoma off the highest branch in the segment.

Challenging the top-trim Colorado Duramax is not an equivalent diesel variant from the Tacoma but off-road warriors sporting the TRD and TRD Pro badges.

Equipped with Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control features, the Tacoma lineup from top to bottom is built to last against rocks, mud, and even roads for decades on end.

As such they have amazing build durability which contributes to incredibly high resale value. In spite of that, used model sales don’t surpass new sales; Toyota continues to commercially conquer the mid-size segment.

GM Underdog Steps Up

Perhaps the Colorado may not be able to match the Tacoma in longevity, but it’s definitely worthwhile for both GM and consumers that the Tacoma TRD is getting a new direct rival.

The Colorado ZR2 which was showcased at the 2014 LA Auto Show is finally coming to life, and even in its concept guise the truck looks pretty badass.

It ditches the front bumper and side steps for increased clearance height as well as front approach and rear departure angles, adopts tougher hardware, and wears a more aggressive exterior façade.

But most importantly, because it doesn’t have special features to take on Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select, the ZR2 would have to rely on the 2.8L Duramax engine worth 181hp and 369lb-ft torque to differentiate itself and maintain its competitive edge.

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