Despite just recently making its way into the market, the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime has surpassed all, save for one, EV in the US. This model has outsold the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Chevrolet Bolt, BMWi3, Nissan Leaf and sits right behind the Chevy Volt on the sales chart.

The Prius Prime, with a total 1,366 units of sales in the US, beat the Tesla models which failed to go pass the 1,000 unit mark in January, based on a report by Inside EVs.

The Prius Prime Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is one of the most efficient model of all EV models worldwide. It is rated with an EPA estimation of 133 MPGe. The model’s 25-mile range surpasses EV’s advocates prediction of the average daily miles needed by a US buyer.

Another plus point for the Toyota is the fact that it has been granted a Top Safety Pick Plus rating for safety by IIHS, unlike the Tesla Model S, BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf.

The Toyota Prius Prime managed to beat all other major EVs in sales, but still couldn’t top its closest rival Chevy Volt. Nevertheless, the Prius Prime should still be celebrated for rescuing the regular Prius hybrid that has been declining in the market.

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