By now, you would have heard of the news that many dealers all over California have been reducing the pricing of the brand new Chevy Bolt. Some have been pulling it all the way down by about 10 percent!

That’s not all – it appears that some dealers have been listing the all-new Bolt way below the starting MSRP of $37,500. Factor in the $7,500 federal tax credit and the $2,500 California rebate and it looks like some folks can be walking away with a 2017 Bolt for under $25,000.

Many news sources have been stating that this drastic price drop was carried out in order to hike the interest on Chevy’s latest EV and, simultaneously, push out more sales for the brand new Bolt. However, could there be more to the story?

Folks over at Reddit seems to be holding a way different opinion on this. Some of these people believe that these dealers are merely dropping the Bolt’s price to manipulate buyers to come into their dealerships.

Redditors were quick to voice out their own experiences at dealerships where they had walked in to buy a specific vehicle but the salesperson was practically forcing a whole new model down their throats.

It appears that dealers do this at times as they rake in minimum profit when a new car is sold but maximum profit when a used car is sold, on top of maintenance and warranty work. These dealers could also be desperate to clean up their existing stock that has been piling up in their inventory.

Well, do you think what these dealers are doing is ethical? Let us know what you think below!

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