Like some old Shelby GT500 models, buyers of the 2015 and 2016 Ford Mustang GT would be able to enjoy a special upgrade that takes the pony’s output to over 750hp from 435hp, called Super Snake.

While the 2017 refresh gets to boost output by 5 percent or so with some new Power Pack add-ons, there’s no telling if it would get the Super Snake upgrade that’s worth at least $55,000.

The package comes with either Whipple 750+ or Kenne Bell 750+ superchargers, along with enhanced cooling, Shelby Wilwood rear brakes, special 20-inch wheels from Weld Racing, and meaner aesthetic add-ons for the exterior with a Super Snake badge as the cherry on the icing.

Taken to Australia, the $55,000 price tag would surely get much heavier. With import duties, taxes, transportation costs, and dealer mark-ups after conversion, Aussie auto enthusiasts would have to fork out up to about $150,000 AUD.

Burning out more than 750hp is crazy impressive, and certainly surpasses any equivalent Chevy Camaro or Dodge Challenger Hellcat – but would you pay that much for the upgrade, if you could well afford it?

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