The crossover segment is getting hotter and Honda is persistent in dominating this trend. There’s no doubt that the CR-V has long been Honda’s most favorite model in the U.S. ever since it arrived in 1997.

The latest CR-V was set for a release in December and there’s no surprise that it will only be taking the brand’s name to greater heights.

In spite of that, Honda has said that it does not view the 2017 CR-V to one up the Civic or Accord, in terms of sales.

General Manager of Honda, Jeff Conrad, disclosed to Automotive News that he doubts that “there was ever a mindset during the development process that this was so big that it could take over the role as the sales leader for the division on a long-term basis.”

So, the CR-V will be nothing more than an equal sibling to the Civic and Accord. Honda is anticipating these three models to generate similar sales figures once their starting sales waves have stabilized.

The all-new Honda CR-V will be based on the same modular chassis as the Civic and Accord along with an upgraded luxurious cabin. Despite these additions, it will still be coming with about the same price tag. It looks like a sure thing that this model will be securing a position on the top-seller list, once again.

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