Compact vehicles aren’t getting much love nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t excellent options boasting great style and practicality. Not long after the arrival of the 2017 Mazda 3, the Honda Fit is landing in dealerships.

The new Honda Fit sports an appearance that’s more or less the same as before, and it’s not an issue as its 2016 model is quite the looker.

As for the Mazda 3 hatch, its refresh sees it wear a slightly reshaped grille with glimmering LED lights and a reworked rear bumper. Other than that it hasn’t really changed.

Compared to the Fit, which uses a 1.5L four-cylinder mill for 130hp and 114lb-ft torque, the Mazda 3 offers either a 2.0L four-cylinder worth 155hp and 150lb-ft torque or a 2.5L four-banger with 184hp and 185lb-ft torque.

2017 Mazda 3

2017 Mazda 3

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, as the Honda hatch costs only $16,000 compared to its $18,680 starting price. But the Mazda does have slightly better fuel economy at 35mpg combined against up to 34mpg on the Fit.

The most glamorous addition to the Mazda 3 is the G-Vectoring Control system which provides extra ease in handling sharp corners and winding roads.

There’s also much better sound insulation through a more air-tight construct, extra cabin and storage space via the adoption of electric hand-brake, along with more active safety features.

As for the Honda Fit, it continues to impress with the utility of its folding Magic Seats and adds Vehicle Stability Assist with traction control for better handling, an all-new Advanced Compatibility Engineering build, as well as optional push-button start and heated leather seats along with several other extra goodies.

On the performance front, the Mazda 3 looks a clear winner in this contest. But when overall value is considered, it’s much harder to tell.

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