The second-generation Honda Ridgeline has been designed like a traditional truck, though it doesn’t pride itself on the kind of heavy-duty gritty work that traditional trucks are known for.

It’s still a proper pickup and emphasizes on aspects that are of high priority today. A point of criticism is of the truck is the fact that it offers a FWD option, but that would mean way better fuel economy than the 18mpg combined managed by the first-gen model.

In fact, we expect its combined driving mileage to top that of the Toyota Tacoma (21mpg), Chevrolet Colorado (23mpg), and even the Ford F-150 (23mpg).

With its conventional proportions and in-bed stereo system, the truck now looks ideal to be sold in more than the US market. Fuel prices may be low in the US but that isn’t necessarily so for the Asian and European market.

Outside the US priorities for trucking are a little different and the Ridgeline has the qualities that international trucks like the Nissan Navara and Toyota HiLux are known for. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t be a hit beyond North America.

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