While the previous Honda Ridgeline sat on the Honda Pilot platform was placed at 5,000lbs for its towing capacity, the second-generation pickup might just climb a step higher.

When it premiered at the recent Chicago Auto Show, TFLTruck caught sight of a sticker on the Ridgeline again putting it at 5,000lbs for max trailer weight and 500lbs for max tongue weight. However, that could well be a temporary rating as the official numbers are yet to be posted.

Its integrated bed audio system could fool us. Though the Ridgeline may not be a body-on-frame truck that is meant for really heavy-duty work, its towing capacity might just be able to approximate that of the Toyota Tacoma rated at 6,800lbs and purposed for dirty, heavy work.

As it stands Honda rates the max payload of the Ridgeline at 1,600lbs, adding that it will be a leader in fuel economy for its class. It would be nice for it to raise its towing game, but even if it stays at 5,000lbs the truck would still be sufficient for its target market.

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