Hyundai’s all-new Ioniq is set to take on the hybrid and EV segment and it isn’t about to let anything stand in its way – not even the world’s best-seller, the Toyota Prius.

While the standard Prius is capable of 50mpg highway and 54mpg city for a combined 52mpg, the Ioniq sits higher with its 54mph highway and 55mpg urban driving for a combined 55mpg.

The Prius Eco, on the other hand, offers 56mpg combined with 53mph highway and 58mpg city. Impressive numbers but Hyundai’s Ioniq Blue still beats it with its 58mpg combined with 57mpg highway and 59mpg city.

If that’s not impressive enough – the Ioniq also beats the Chevy Bolt, despite the latter being one of the most popular models on the market currently. Well, no surprise there as the Ioniq Electric is said to be the most efficient electric vehicle ever rated in the country.

However, it looks like Prius fans aren’t impressed with these Ioniq figures. These folks are more keen on seeing real-world figures from drivers before claiming one a winner over the other.

This is especially since many Prius owners have reported to gain over 60mph highway merely by slowing down to the speed limit despite the Prius being rated at 50mpg highway.

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Peter Wilkins · April 9, 2017 at 2:25 am

The Ioniq and Niro have much higher emissions than the Prius does according to ecotests done by the German Auto Club (ADAC), exceeding European limits for CO and particle count. Are these cars even legal?

RobSez · April 9, 2017 at 4:33 am

The Ioniq and Prius mentioned here are plugin hybrids, NOT electric cars. You have also confused the plugin Chevy Volt hybrid with the Chevy Bolt. The Bolt is a 100% electric vehicle with a 119 mpg equivalent performance EPA rating. Also, ANY vehicle is going to go farther per unit of energy expended ‘by slowing down to the speed limit’. Common sense based on science. It takes more energy, provided by fuel or electricity, to go fast than to go slow. Next time you might do better with a little research on a subject you are going to write about.

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