A Jeep Wrangler wouldn’t be a Jeep Wrangler if it didn’t give buyers a lot of choices. Well, FCA knows this and is offering a few notable options such as a diesel powertrain (for the US), a 300hp turbo-four, a pickup variant, and probably a mild hybrid model.

Not everything is sweet though. The one thing that’s going to be taken away when the fourth-gen model arrives is the foldable windscreen function.

That’s alright, because there’s more good news in the form of some sweet custom models from a certain renowned UK design house named Kahn Design. There’s nothing wrong with more choices arriving at our shores.

In case you aren’t familiar, Kahn specializes in making gorgeous custom 4×4 models of Land Rover vehicles, most notably the Defender. Now that the Defender is out of commission, Kahn is working on two things – the Land Rover Discovery and setting up shop in the US.

In order to do the latter, it needs to announce its presence with a classic American 4×4 that’s as iconic as the Defender. And what’s more ideal than the Wrangler?

While more custom models are bound to arrive in the coming years, fans of the Wrangler can whet their appetite on the Black Hawk Wide Track model (pictured) from the Chelsea Truck Company, a subsidiary of Kahn’s. It first made an appearance at the Geneva Auto Show back in March.

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