Given the continuing success of the Jeep Wrangler, FCA is looking to take the illustrious off-roader to the next level by moving its 2015 worldwide best-seller Jeep Cherokee to another plant so that the Toledo plant can accommodate Wranglers in higher volumes.

While that sounds like great news, not everyone is going to be happy. Moving the Cherokee away and increasing numbers for the Wrangler would drop the total output in the Toledo plant from about 540,000 to as low as 350,000 units per year.

This would result in a pay reduction for the 5,000 workers there that formerly had overtime to work on both the Wrangler and the Cherokee as there will be less hours to clock in.

It’s not all that bad because they get to keep their full-time jobs as promised by FCA. After the Jeep Cherokee departs from Toledo the plant will be revamped to produce a redesigned Wrangler, followed by the pickup truck, diesel, and mild hybrid models.

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