It’s a funny thing, the way JLR attaches the ‘Sport’ suffix to its vehicles. The Land Rover Discovery is a seven-seater, with the Sport variant seating five; on the Range Rover, it is the other way around – the Sport model is the seven-seater instead.

Anyway, the two-row Land Rover Discovery is getting some sweet tech updates for 2017, which function more as life-simplifying tools than cool gizmos.

Most of them are packed in the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system, which adds another 2.2 inches to its touchscreen from before to sit at 10.2 inches.

The most interesting feature is called Tile, which puts tags on everyday items via Bluetooth and makes sure that the driver has everything before leaving. So in case anything is left behind, such as office key cards or wallets, he or she would be informed.

There’s also assurance in case the driver feels wary about not having sufficient sleep in the form of a drowsiness detection system.

Other safety tech in the new Disco Sport is a speed limiter which reads signs on the road and asks the driver whether or not to automatically change to the mph limits stipulated, as well as lane departure that doesn’t just warn the driver but steers the vehicle back into the proper lane on its own.

Unfortunately, though the InControl Touch Pro system is compatible with Android and Apple devices, there is no support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay telematics. Nonetheless, JLR’s own system doesn’t seem too shabby.

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