Apart from a wonderful redesign and semi-autonomous driving tech, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has garnered excitement by introducing a new OM 654 all-aluminum diesel engine that is good for about 60mpg.

There is bitter news, however, as the option for the 2.0L four-cylinder block is not going to land in the US until August 2018, according to Automotive News.

Besides grabbing a good deal of mileage, the engine produces 191hp and is 20 percent lighter than the 2.2L block in the prior E-Class model. Without the oil burner, US buyers have to settle for a four-pot turbo gas engine that delivers 241hp, followed by a E450AMG model.

We can’t help but to wonder if the reason for the delay is due to the lawsuit that struck the automaker recently. It was filed by a driver in New Jersey who claimed that Mercedes rigged its BlueTec diesel vehicles with emissions-defeating devices, similar to the case that has enveloped the Volkswagen Group.

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