Some vehicles are just not meant to sport the modern look, and would do well to stand out from the crowd by retaining their vintage looks. This applies mostly to rugged nameplates that are meant for the terrain.

We hope that the Land Rover Defender would adhere that dictum when it returns in 2019, but if not, at least there’s still the Mercedes G-Class as a much pricier alternative.

The next-gen model of the G-Wagen has been captured in spy shots, gift-wrapped in camouflage that nevertheless betrays its the fact that it is not switching from its old-school boxy looks.

But for scrimping penny hoarders, that’s no cause for alarm as the G-Class is deceiving with its looks. Just like the next-gen Jeep Wrangler, the German 4×4 is actually set to be way more efficient than before despite keeping its gas-guzzler facade.

jeep wrangler rubi

The upcoming SUV is reportedly shedding 900lbs compared to its present model, which is pretty amazing given that it has gained more visual heft. Achieving two seemingly mutually exclusive objectives – retaining the vintage look while upping efficiency – has elicited a largely positive response from consumers.

This aim has also been stressed by Jeep CEO Mike Manley for the Wrangler JL. He recently underlined similar priorities as the main concerns for the new model, and admitted that it has been a challenge to retain the recognizable boxy front fascia of the Wrangler whilst attempting to improve its aerodynamics for better fuel economy.

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