After a long wait, Nissan has finally broken its silence over the second-gen Nissan Leaf at EVS29 conference in Montreal, Canada. The electric hatch should be revealed anytime soon given that we’re now less than half a year away from 2017.

However, the automaker has merely confirmed that its sales-leading EV is going to pack a 60kWh battery worth up to 220 miles of range, up from the current 30kWh pack that offers 107 miles on a single charge.

Whereas the Tesla Model 3 is set to have a minimum range of 230 miles, there hasn’t been any specific numbers offered for the Chevy Bolt besides ‘more than 200 miles’.

Unfortunately there is still no word on when we could officially have a look at the new model, when it’s going into production, or when it is going to land in dealerships.

Besides confirmation of the 60kWh battery and semi-autonomous ProPilot system, there are many suggestions that the new Leaf is going to base some of its design elements on the Nissan IDS Concept.

But apart from that, fans are still left in the dark regarding to the vehicle. When would there be more signs of life from the second most anticipated EV of 2017?

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