Are you having trouble deciding between the Leaf and the Prius Prime? Well, first, you need to decide if you’re looking for an all-electric model, like the Nissan, or a plug-in hybrid, like the Toyota.

After that you can dwell into the details such as interior space, performance, driving range as well as price difference.

Thanks to Olathe Toyota Parts Center and Factory Nissan Parts, we have a comparison offering differing views on who should be the top dog in this green comparison.

Tom Blackman, director of, states that, “Toyota’s plugin hybrid offers the best of everything: performance, range, efficiency and price.”

“Unlike the last plugin Prius, the new Prime has a relatively big 8.8 kWh battery. This gives the new Prime 25 miles of EV range, which is plenty for most people’s commute,” added Blackman.

He went on to clarify that because the battery is considered small “it can be charged without any special charging stations. Just plug it into the wall and it’s ready to go in the morning. Finally, if you need to go on a road trip, you can just take the Prime. It’s got 640 miles of driving range.”

A look at the chart below will show you that both these models are very alike in weight, 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times. Aside that, they also share similar wheelbase sizes.

On To The Differences

However, Scott Roberts, parts director for FactoryNissaParts, states that the Leaf is superior in this comparison.

“The Nissan Leaf’s 30kWh battery gives drivers 107 miles without gasoline. Comparing a Prius Prime to a Nissan Leaf is sort of like comparing a youth football team to an NFL team. The Leaf is a battery electric vehicle that’s in a class by itself. The Prius Prime’s 25 miles of battery range is a gimmick compared to the Nissan Leaf.”

Although these may be quite bold claims, Roberts does think that Nissan and Toyota are heading in the right direction. He said that, “Alternative-energy cars are here to stay. Hopefully, Toyota will follow in Nissan’s footsteps and produce a real battery electric vehicle someday.”

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