The next Subaru WRX STI could adopt the new 2.0L turbo boxer from the limited edition WRX STI S207 to accompany Subaru’s new global platform, effectively raising its game and keeping it tightly competitive with the Ford Focus RS and Honda Civic Type-R.

It has been some time since the performance sedan has gotten a fresh new engine. The smaller block improves output up to 323hp and 318lb-ft torque from the 305hp and 290lb-ft torque the WRX STI presently burns out.

That gives consumers more reason to opt for the $34,695 model that is ready for the track with an AWD system boasting Multi-Mode Driver Controlled Center Differential and Active Torque Vectoring. It also comes with Bilstein shock absorbers, though Subaru’s EyeSight safety technology is not part of the package.

As far as we know the WRX STI S207 is going on a limited production run of 400 units in Japan. We don’t think that Subaru won’t let the new engine just sit in its armory for the 2017 model of the range-topping performer. The tricky part is how steep its price the special edition model is, coming in at about $47,500 after conversion.

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