As we draw closer to the reveal of the 2017 Tesla Model 3, the excitement is growing among those who have only been able to admire Tesla vehicles from a distance. Having a performance electric vehicle for less than $40,000 is more than just a great bargain.

However, there seems to be doubts surrounding the vehicle and as March draws closer, there are suspicions that the actual release of the Model 3 to buyers may become as elusive as the Model S and Model X.

It is a good chance that the reveal of the Model 3 would not be the physical display of the vehicle but just, well, pictures. Doing so would still be considered a breakthrough as we have been left to guess at the appearance of the vehicle for some time now. Then there are reports saying that plenty of information will be held back about the vehicle during its unveiling, supposedly to deter competitors from getting a leg up with the info, and Elon Musk admitting to being ‘coy’ about it.

Tesla should know by now that the affordability of the Model 3 will drive demand off the charts. The only way to satisfy it is to get the Gigafactory up and running.

It is still some time before that, so the automaker would likely peel off the layers slowly to buy time until the factory kicks off while remaining a talking point the whole time. Another way to do that is launch in small numbers by selling wildly expensive ‘Signature Models’ first, much like the Model X.

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