Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, is serious about making the Model 3 stand out from the Model S and Model X. This is proven from his series of back and forth tweets with his followers on Twitter.

Previously, we already heard of news that the Model 3 will be coming with a minimalist interior with all user interface info placed on a center-mounted touchscreen on the dashboard but we did not expect this amount of simplicity.

This differs from the Model S and Model X as these two came with a large touchscreen display along with a conventional speedometer located right in front of the driver.

With the Model 3, Tesla will be doing away with the traditional speedometer and there will not be a heads-up display in front of the driver, according to Musk’s tweets. He also confirmed that they will be no dashboard nor hud in the latest model.

However, this new info created quite an uproar over in Reddit threads. Many folks felt that a hud is crucial if the automaker is going to make drivers look anywhere other than straight ahead to find out their speed.

Meanwhile, others felt that Musk may have taken the minimalist concept too far by placing too much emphasis on aesthetics instead of practicality.

That said, we want to know what you think; do you think Tesla is pushing the boundaries too far, all in the name of being futuristic and revolutionary?

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Richard Robinson · March 30, 2017 at 10:45 am

My guess is that they’ll include a projected hud on the windscreen and he’s just playing up the media.

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