Tesla’s Model 3 is slated to be an affordable EV vehicle but the automaker is essentially a luxury EV maker who is attempting to enter the general car buying population, as revealed by Torque News.

Meanwhile, Toyota has penetrated this market way before. As a matter of fact, a study conducted by Forbes says that a potential Model 3 owner is likely an owner of a Toyota today who wants to afford top-notch technology.

The study highlights how the typical Toyota owner “doesn’t expect their vehicle to really break down, is quickly fixed and is affordable,” according to the report.

But, Tesla owners have reported to have waited weeks for servicing and they have turned into discerning consumers wanting more than the rivals.

The study digs deeper into issues like Tesla’s urgent need to enhance its service network, retail outlets and suggests that Tesla is not aware of what is coming their way – specifically when coming face-to-face with “spoiled Toyota owners” who could “derail the Model 3 launch.”

It’s evident that Tesla has huge plans for the Model 3 and it is expecting to ship out a whole lot of units. But, will they be able to launch and produce the Model 3 at the predicted rates without any delays?

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