Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, revealed prior to its launch that he was positive about the 2017 Tesla Model 3. However, he probably wasn’t that positive enough to foresee the $35,000 sedan attracting over 325,000 pre-orders in just a week of its reveal.

Thus, the question arises. Will the small automaker be able to keep up with this amount of demand? And according to musk, these models average at about $42,000 per pre-order.

And, what about China? It’s questionable whether the Model 3 would make a breakthrough in that part of the world, especially since its local production of the vehicle there is expected to be about three years away.

Well, the answer is most probably no, at least up till the plant in China is in production. In that three years, it will definitely be a struggle for the Model 3.

Looking back at the Model S and Model X, importing these models over to the oriental mainland slapped an additional $50,000 to their US price. And, to make things worse, it didn’t come with the 75kWh battery option, so China buyers had to go with the pricier 90kWh model.

As a result, the Model S only recorded 3,000 sales in China. The Model X, coming close to a $150,000 price tag, should be recording a lower sales figure, although Musk claims that it could rise up to 5,000 this year.

What about the Model 3? It definitely won’t be as affordable as marketed in the US but it just may be the lowest price among the three Tesla models.

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