Tesla has recently updated its current Supercharger maps on its official website and it has also revealed its new 2017 Supercharger expansion plans.

Based on the map, Tesla will be having new Superchargers in Hawaii and Mexico. The expansion in North America will proceed in the US and Canada but expect to see the plans including a bigger scale expansion.

Till date, Tesla has almost 800 Supercharger locations globally and it will soon hit 5,000 Superchargers. The expansion schedule for next year aims to double the current figures and this is crucial as the Model 3 will be launched some time in the middle of 2017.

Tesla’s 2017 expansion plan will need to be more aggressive as it is expected that Model 3 will take on full-fledged production in 2018. Well, the thing that’s going to make the Model 3 a success is as much the vehicle as the support it receives from good infrastructure.

After all, there’s no point to an electric car that has little support in the way of convenient charging stations. So, the Tesla Supercharger network is key for the Model 3 to succeed and the bigger the network is, the more people would be inclined to buy the car.

Seeing Tesla’s expansion plan for 2017, it holds pretty solid evidence that the Model 3 would crush the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf.

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