Tesla isn’t exactly concerned that their vehicles aren’t in dealerships in Michigan, US. This is because Tesla has derived a new way by advertising their vehicles in the Tesla Gallery in a Nordstrom store in a shopping mall in Michigan.

The Tesla Gallery, run by Tesla itself, has found a way to advertise in Michigan despite product specialists not being able to reveal the pricing of the vehicles. Buyers who wish to purchase a Tesla will also not be able to do it in the store.

However, the product specialist will be able to educate buyers on features of Tesla products, like the Tesla Model X. The gallery has put up a sign that notifies buyers that they can’t buy the vehicles but it does direct buyers to their official website as well as providing info on Tesla dealers in Ohio.

The current vehicle on display is the Tesla Model X, displayed near the phone cases and purses. It may be an odd placement, but it is a way for the automaker to go around the fact that they aren’t able to sell the vehicles in the state. Besides this store, the one in North Carolina and California also features Tesla vehicles.

This display does seem interactive with its samples, colors and options but will that be enough to coerce buyers to visit the gallery?

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