Consumer Reports had revealed its owner satisfaction survey results for last year and Tesla has dominated the charts once again.

However, it looks like the automaker could have done better if it wasn’t constricted by the Model X electric SUV. This family car with “wings” has been causing quite a frustration to the company ever since its inception and it sure seems like the buyers aren’t pleased with the model, as well.

The Model S placed first on the list with 94 percent of consumers stating that they would purchase it again, but the gap between the first second place is merely 3 percent this time around.

The Model X sits at the eighth place with 88 percent, tying up with the Porsche 911 sports car while remaining behind the Toyota Prius, Audi Q7, Mazda MX-5 Miata and even Chevrolet Volt.

Model X’s dependability issue is not easy to ignore and if it wasn’t because of its innovation, technologically speaking, it would have placed much lower on the list. This includes the falcon doors, seat layout, storage options as well as the tall windshield.

Tesla has been relentlessly working on rectifying the Model X’s issues and despite sorting out most of them, too much time spent in the shops isn’t something that excited consumers. On top of that, the Model X isn’t exactly cheap.

Aside that, most Model X owners have previously owned a Model S, thus it’s hard to not compare these two. These owners had probably anticipated the quality of Tesla’s vehicles to improve so, the SUV may have been quite a disappointment.

However, 88 percent isn’t a bad score. Its minor downfall is only evident when compared to the Model S’ excellent score. Based on Tesla’s hardworking team, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to assume that next year’s figure would catapult the Model X to a higher position.

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