Although they are technically not the same kind of plug-in vehicles, the closest competitor to the Chevrolet Volt is Toyota Prius PHEV – otherwise known as the Prius Prime in the US – that is set to arrive later this year.

Looking at their relative specs, the Prius Prime can actually mount a robust challenge against the Volt, which is quickly ramping up in sales due to a recent boost in supply after being sold sparingly at the end of last year.

But Toyota doesn’t intend for the Prius Prime to merely beat the Volt. The Japanese automaker is aiming for its second-gen PHEV to attract about 60,000 buyers per year, which is rather insane to say the least.

2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

To put this goal into perspective, the lifetime sales of the Chevrolet/Holden Volt worldwide since the start of 2011 through March 2016 stands at about 100,000 units.

Granted, the Volt has had a limited presence in Europe and is not sold in Asia, but Toyota is perhaps a tad too optimistic about a vehicle that’s not exactly a looker.

Plus this stretch goal far exceeds that of the Chevrolet Bolt, which elicited mockery and laughter from consumers when GM announced its annual sales goal of over 30,000 units. What do you think about Toyota’s fresh ambitions with the Prius Prime?

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Alex · June 24, 2016 at 1:23 pm

I have no doubt they will hit that mark. The prius has a much larger adoption in the US and rest of the world. Volt is nowhere near reliable or fuel efficient. And the prius being a mid-size and the volt being a compact plays a huge part.

    Jc · June 25, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Your post is really off the mark. Prius Prime isn’t even out yet. You can’t possibly know its reliability or its actual economy. The Volt has proven reliability and over double the electric only range of the Prius Prime’s estimated numbers. These cars aren’t even in the same class.

    Marcus · June 25, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    Alex, do you know what you’re talking about? Volt’s fuel efficiency doesn’t even come into the equation until the first 85km (53mi) of driving is done! Volt is also one of the most highest rated vehicles in customer satisfaction (reliability), in history.

    60000 Prius PLUG-INs per year is ridiculous ambition, just like the 30000 Bolts.

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