Toyota Prius has risen to become the face of the hybrid genre in the automotive industry and it’s all-new 2017 Prius Prime has elevated the brand in terms of efficiency, safety and convenience to drivers.

The Prius Prime employs Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system which combines the 1.8L Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder mill with a planetary-gear CVT and Toyota’s first ever electric-drive system capable of utilizing both motors to move the wheels while in EV mode.

One of the most significant improvement of the latest Prius over its predecessor is its 8.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack which has double the amount of energy of the previous 4.4kWh battery.

This results in a combined rating of 120MPGe in EV mode and a top speed of 84mph. Aside that, the 2017 Prius plug-in hybrid is reported to have a combine range of over 600 miles with a full battery and fuel (11.3 gallons).

However, some owners have been complaining that they can’t seem to turn off the speed limit. Despite turning it off in the HUD, owners are saying that the speed limit still displays when the vehicle enter a new speed zone or surpasses the current speed limit.

Well, there is an alternate way of turning this speed limit off, if you truly need it. Aside from turning it of on the HUD, you could try turning it off on the map display as well. This particular method is shown on the navigation manual on page 212, as revealed in a forum thread.

Give this method a try if you have been desperate to turn off your speed limit on your 2017 Toyota Prius Prime plug-in. Let us know if it worked out for you!

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