The Toyota Prius Prime plug-in was recently tuned by TRD and Modellista in Japan. Both of these kits appear to have pretty much the same style; one example is the front which gets a similar kind of insert which hugs half the bumper.

The Prius Prime already comes with some eccentric headlights so that part and the grille was left untouched. That said, both the companies had lowered the model’s stance and added larger wheels. This resulted in an old-fashioned design in the TRD’s model.

Meanwhile, Modellista added bolder side skirts along with wing-inspired chrome inserts for the mirrors, which are popular features in Japan. However, the most intriguing addition is the custom exhaust system with dual tips in the center of the bumper.

There is also plenty of weird bits thrown into the mix through this but thankfully, this isn’t package deal so buyers can pick what they like.

Well, we think that the work of TRD and Modellista on the Prius Prime has made the car look even uglier than before. In fact, the same can be said for almost all tuning efforts on the regular Prius hybrid before this. But, what do you think?

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