Toyota’s RAV4 is slated to be the brand’s sales leader this year and because of that, the compact crossover will be getting a more edgier version.

Toyota has revealed that the RAV4 Adventure would feature changes compromising of a roof rack, lower body guards and a small hike in height.

Aside that, its functional changes will include a towing package with a better capable radiator and supplemental cooling for engine oil and transmission fluid.

According to Automotive News, Toyota is surveying to see if consumers want something with a little more truck-like elements.

Greg Bernas, chief engineer in the Toyota Technical Center’s product development office, said, “This is the first step. And from here we want to grasp the consumer acceptance and then see where we can go with it leading into the next major change for the RAV4.”

In Toyota’s lineup, nothing screams ‘rugged’ more than the Tacoma pickup, particularly the TRD Pro model. As the rugged pickup is so popular, it makes sense for the otherwise bland RAV4 to follow in its footsteps.

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